Seven Cities to Visit Now Summer is Over

Seven Cities to Visit Now Summer is Over

is over. Weep. Staying sunny (in our disposition, if not
our geographical location) we’ve decided to do more with our
weekends – these under-the-radar
cities are a great starting point when it comes short breaks.



A haven for artistic types since time immemorial, the ancient
city of
Southern France
‘s chicest arts mecca. Gucci knows it
(Alessandro Michele staged his 2019 cruise show here), Vincent Van
Gogh knew it (the artist painted four scenes of the historical
necropolis Alyscamps in October 1888) and we know it too. Explore
the once provincial capital of Rome; parading up and down the
Promenade des Alyscamps – a tree-lined Roman necropolis where Paul
Gauguin came to paint – you’ll quickly tap into Arles’


United States

music scene is a lauded one – giant guitar sculptures and local
musicians provide a larger-than-life greeting for visitors touching
down in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. Seriously good food
ups the city’s popularity too. Check out its downtown area – a
quirky collective of concept-dining spots, some achingly cool
hotels and unwavering Southern charm.



This teeny Mediterranean island just 50 miles south of Sicily
deals in modest beauty. Explore the old, narrow streets of Valletta
before taking a trip beyond the city and daring to jump off cliffs
with the locals into natural pools. This city is unspoiled by
tourism, so history buffs should come like bees to honey – you
could spend hours taking in the city’s prehistoric temples and
medieval buildings.



Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city (Plovdiv
was founded around 8,000 years ago), draws a discerning crowd keen
explore the city’s historical landmarks. For a change of scene, the
Kapana artistic quarter is breath of modernity with new hotels and
an inexhaustible nightlife that keeps this patch of the city

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The city is rife with creatives, and like-minded travellers will
reap the most from a visit here. Offbeat art galleries and museums
housed in formerly dilapidated factories aside, the former royal
capital hasn’t completely given itself over to absolute bohemia.
Seek out something more prim and proper at any number of Krakow’s
shiny new restaurants – but be sure to end your night at a vodka



The coolest city spot in Central Asia? Maybe guys, maybe. As one
of the bigger stops on the famous Silk Road,
in Uzbekistan is a culture- and history-rich
destination. Being a Unesco World Heritage Sites – we lost count of
the many mosques and mausoleums we saw – the city beguiles its

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A meeting point for creatives and vagabonds – Allen Ginsberg and
Truman Capote were frequent holidayers here in their heyday –
Tangier has an air of mystique about it. Today, the bustling city
is populated with upscale boutiques, buzzy bars and traditional
craft shops. Photography enthusiasts will appreciate Tangier’s art
deco structures and the vibrancy of its medina.

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