Soft Focus: Rediscovering Thailand

This wasn't my first trip to the land of smiles; it was a little over a decade ago that I said my first "sawadee ka". After a year of endless summer, I had left the continent with freckled skin, a fresh look at the world, a sixth scam sense and, above all, a profound love for Thailand. Countless passport stamps later I dared to revisit. Could it live up to my memories?

The country was as if I'd never left. Even with the soft blur of jet lag, I felt a tremendous sense of familiarity: the yellow-green cabs with cheerful drivers, the air wrapping around me as if a welcoming hug.

In the subsequent days I was often reminded of the happy memories I made so many years ago - the taste of mango with sticky rice, the sounds of ping pong balls and frogs dominating Bangkok's soundtrack.

My partner and I chose eco-lodges over cheap guesthouses, sailed to off-grid islands and plunged into the emerald jungle. We found peace and tranquillity.

One afternoon, while drifting on water, I thought to myself: "If I were to relax even more I wouldn't float... I would levitate."

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