Sokcho, South Korea

Sokcho, South Korea


Sokcho, South Korea

Why now?

Following the Winter Olympics, we’ve been yearning for a visit
to South Korea. Formerly a part of North Korea, Sokcho is a more
natural alternative to Seoul, with hiking, waterfalls and the sea
surrounding the city on all sides. The city is also divided by a
lake, making a waterfront Korean barbeque inevitable during your

Don’t miss…

The tentative UNESCO site of Seoraksan National Park is a must
while in Sokcho (the city actually used to have an airport just for
the park). Rocky mountains, babbling turquoise brooks and Buddhist
temples means it will appeal to outdoorsy types as well as those
keen for a culture hit. Be sure to make pit stops at the Biryong
Falls and Sinheungsa Temple, hidden among thickets of bamboo

For A-grade street food, stop by either Daepo or Dongmyeong Port
to sample some of the area’s best locals eats.

Who to take with you

K-beauty addict
looking to recharge their soul as well as their
their skincare routine.

When to go

March to June for sunshine and not too much humidity.

Most likely to bump into…

Seoul urbanites on a beach holiday.

Essentials to bring with you

A hearty appetite – Sokcho is renowned for its sprawling fish

How to get there

Fly into Yangyang International Airport.

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