SoprArno, Florence, Italy

SoprArno, Florence, Italy

it kitsch, call it boho… whatever you label it, SoprArno guesthouse is the
embodiment of our Italian

SoprArno’s owners Betty Soldi and Matteo Perduca are a stalwart
pair. Renovating a sixteenth-century townhouse, the couple’s vision
for SoprArno focused on familiarity and familial-style quarters.
With an apartment feel and a boho vibe (thanks in part to its
proximity to the Oltrarno neighbourhood), the guesthouse boasts a
kitsch collection of trophies, clogs and miniature jars of Marmite,
all of which are proudly displayed along bookshelves alongside more
prestigious trinkets. Caveat: the couple’s delight in life’s small
pleasures is contagious.

Low-hanging lights and interesting photography books are laid
out along a communal table to encourage hang-out time in shared
spaces. Make a friend (or maybe just a macchiato), brush up on your
Italian, read a book
or take five and chill; anything goes. In effect, SoprArno is the
embodiment of our daydreams of a summer spent in one of Italy’s
most-loved second cities.


We’d almost describe the 13 bedrooms at SoprArno as nonchalant –
unconcerned with whether or not their occupant is a fan (although
you should be). Abstract animal prints in muted, neutral tones and
velveteen finishings are among the punchier pieces in rooms which
are sleek yet airy. Designed as a place of rest first and foremost,
their lightness is something you will be thankful for after a day
spent hitting the Florentine pavement. Bathrooms are on the bigger
side, with a power shower and oversized sink to boot. Rooms spill
off communal areas so nab one on the first floor if you can purely
for laziness sake (and proximity to the breakfast buffet).

What’s for breakfast?

Breakfast is served on the ground floor in a long, skinny room,
with a breakfast bar that mirrors its overall layout. Scan the
counter’s display of freshly cut fruit, yoghurt, cereals and a
selection of pastries. If your eye deviates from the task at hand
(i.e. plating up for breakfast) to the wall’s smorgasboard of
favoured culinary outposts, why not see if they’ve placed your
favourites on the wall. We spotted the menu cards for Egg
and St John Bread and Wine instantly.

How about lunch and dinner?

Once breakfast ends the buffet moves upstairs, but aside from an
evening spread of individually wrapped sandwiches and some delicate
homemade pies, arranging dinner out is a necessity. We’ve earmarked
La Ménagère for a taste of Florence’s modern dining

Is there a bar?

There’s an honesty bar in the corner of the communal first-floor
dining space. Pop your pennies into the piggy bank on your way


Limited. Aside from WiFi and a next-day laundry service,
SoprArno doesn’t do “extras”.

Things you should know

Check out is at 10am so make sure to factor in enough time to
enjoy a leisurely breakfast before rushing to your room to hurl
your clothes into your luggage in under three minutes.

Within a short walk you’ll find

Temptation. There is no shortage of shopping opportunities in
Florence. Whether window
browsing for jewellery along Ponte Vecchio, scouting artisanal
designs at Il Papiro or picking up linen handkerchiefs at TAF,
you’ll find that the city is a nirvana for those in search of
one-of-a-kind wares.

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