A South African Journey

A South African Journey

didn’t have any preconceptions of South Africa or any idea of
what to expect, so I went with an open mind.

I started in The Drakensberg – Bergville to be exact – and
that’s where I fell in love with the country. Though the landscape
wasn’t a million miles away from my home in England, the atmosphere
was completely different.

During my two-week trip, I climbed a mountain to see the world’s
second-highest waterfall, explored beautiful villages and met
incredible Zulu people who welcomed me with open arms. I got up
before the sun rose and headed out on safari to see all the animals
that make you think of Africa: lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes.
Watching a lioness and her cubs chase a warthog as the sun came up
was probably one of the most special moments.

From inland I travelled down the midlands to meander through to
Durban’s Indian Ocean coast. As you’d expect going from countryside
to city, it was completely different – but still beautiful. It’s a
balmy, chilled-out,
surfer’s paradise

The final leg took me to Cape
and up the Western Cape, to the white-washed fishing
village of Paternoster. Though only an hour’s flight away, this
part of South Africa felt like another country. Before visiting, I
didn’t realise just how diverse the country was. So much of the
Atlantic Ocean coast reminded me of growing up on the west coast of
Ireland, both in landscape and the general feel (though with much
better weather, of course).

I don’t often say I’d go back to one country, but South Africa
is a place where I know there is so much left for me to

@beccanaen | Rebecca Naen

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