The Ultimate UK Staycation Skincare Packlist

The Ultimate UK Staycation Skincare Packlist

We’ve teamed up with Kiehl’s since 1851 to pick seven autumn-friendly skincare products that will see you through staycation season, whether you’re hunkering down in a bubble dome for two or kicking up leaves on a coast-to-coast cycling adventure.

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you’re heading for a cushy cabin in the Outer Hebrides
or a design-led hotel in the comparatively balmy South West
England, an autumn staycation is as good a reason as any to
level-up your skincare routine and introduce some new hero products into the fold. We’re calling
upon Kiehl’s since 1851 to help us pack our
staycation washbag.

To make things simple, we’ve picked seven staycation-ready Kiehl’s products that will
keep your skin from becoming dry and flaky (and that will save
those sanitiser-zapped hands), while also freeing up some luggage
space. Oh, and just to mention, most of these products below cost
no more than £15 and they all come in at under 100ml, too. You’re

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Rare Earth Clay Cleanser

Whether you’re clambering up Snowdonia or pootling around the
Cotswolds, this pocket rocket will quell any mask-made blemishes,
keep your skin in check and can be slathered on morning and
evening, day in, day out.

Buy now at £12.00

Amino Acid Conditioner

This bottle of luscious hair therapy is rich with coconut oil,
jojoba oil and amino acids, guaranteed to whip your locks into
shape, no matter how rebellious they’re feeling. What’s more,
you’ll get (virtual) change back from a tenner.

Buy now at £9.50

Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

Not only does this offer deep hydration that belies its fluffy,
meringue-like texture, but it’s been specifically formulated with
micronised calendula petal fragments to alleviate irritated skin.
Diligently mask-clad travellers that we are, this year we’ve
struggled to find a product which moisturises without suffocating
our pores. A slick of this stuff does the job.

Buy now at £39.50

Ultra Facial Cream

It’s called “Ultra” for a reason. This best-selling moisturiser
is like heavenly nectar to wind-chapped cheeks. Made using glacial
glycoprotein derived from sea glaciers (scientifically proven to
actually enhance skin’s natural resilience) and nourishing
squalane, this product is truly deserving of a “hero” prefix.

Buy now at £26.00

Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask

This mask, made with cold-pressed Amazonian oils, will leave you
with that dewy, post-treatment glow. Unlike most sheet masks which
can be awkward to slip on, this one comes in two parts so it fits
all face shapes and sizes. Opt for a single mask or a box of four –
the perfect number for a long weekend.

Buy now at £9.50

Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA++++

We might not be gallivanting around sun-baked Santorini this
autumn, but you don’t need us to tell you that British weather is
as changeable as the flight corridor list. Rather than overloading
our freshly cleansed, toned and moisturised skin with a thick
lotion, we’re applying this milky formula which has been designed
specifically for sensitive skin.

Buy now at £29.00

Richly Hydrating Hand Cream

Incorporate this botanical hand cream into your standard
hand-washing routine wherever you are to get those dry and flaky
mitts back to levels of pre-pandemic perfection. One sniff of this
lotion – which comes in coriander, lavender or grapefruit scents –
will send you into a heady reverie.

Buy now at £15.00

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