The SUITCASE Team’s Airport Essentials

The SUITCASE Team’s Airport Essentials

Featuring everything from cooling face mists to bumper bags of Reese’s Pieces, these are the items we always carry with us when taking to the skies.

you may think that the SUITCASE team has nailed down a
foolproof system for breezing through airport security in style
(please keep thinking this), we do find ourselves juggling a bag of

100ml products
alongside various other “necessities” more often
than we care to admit. Whether we’re headed for Paris
or Papua New Guinea, this is what you will find in (or spilling out
of) our hand luggage – featuring everything from cooling face mists
to bumper bags of Reese’s Pieces.

The items we can’t live without when we’re on the move

Serena Guen, Founder and CEO

Firstly, a tote bag or basket – in the summer I use a Nannacay bag which also saves me some space in
my suitcase. Everywhere I go I carry a Smythson notebook and pen for those moments of
inspiration. AirPods and a good book are also vital; I just
finished Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan which is one of the
most beautifully written books I’ve ever come across – reading
makes for a nice alternative to re-runs of Friends. When I’m
travelling from a London
airport, I also always go to the Crème de La Mer counter where they
have a range of free facials they can give you; it’s one of the
best-kept airport secrets. Failing that, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is always in my
carry on.

India Dowley, Digital Editor

It may be “for men” but I always wear this flight hoodie by Aether – it’s lightweight and has an
oversized hood which you can pull over your eyes when you want to
nap. Coupled with my Olivia von Halle eye mask, I usually manage to get a
solid amount of sleep. I often get cold on the plane so I carry a
large Zara shawl to wrap around me – they’re relatively inexpensive
so it doesn’t matter if turbulence throws my breakfast down my
front. I don’t tend to wear make up on long-haul flights but good
eyebrows go a long way: I give mine a once over with Glossier’s
Boy Brow before landing. Snack-wise, I have an
unhealthy obsession with salted peanuts (and am furious when anyone
on-board dares to have an allergy). Those and dried mango.

Rae Boocock, Writer and Copy Editor

I nearly always carry a water bottle and bamboo cutlery set in my bag whether I’m at the
airport or not. Some of the reusables are so well designed. Not
only do they help cut down on waste but they come in handy when
travelling too. Win, win. Just make sure to empty your bottle
completely before going through security – I had one of my
favourite S’well bottles confiscated. Heartbreaking! I hate the way
your skin feels so parched after a flight. To help tackle this, I
usually fly make up-free and slather my face in serum and rosehip
oil on board. I’ll also put some essential oils on my pulse points
(Tisserand roll-ons are really handy for
travelling) before nesting down with my book and some snacks/energy
balls I’ll have brought with me from home.

Olivia Squire, Print Editor

As much as I long to be the kind of glamorous traveller who
won’t get on a plane with less than $10,000 worth of ointments and
an all-cashmere lounge suit, sadly I tend more towards the
grab-it-and-go end of the flying spectrum. Consequently, the only
essentials you’ll find in my (normally woefully undersized) cabin
bag are a big scarf to drape over my head; all the free newspapers
and magazines I’ve snaffled en route alongside a
soon-to-be-dog-eared book; a pair of flight socks to ensure I don’t
get DVT like my dad did and an extra pair of glittery ones to mask
their hideousness; and some eyedrops and a pair of glasses for when
my eyes get so dry I can no longer focus on the 10-year-old rom-com
in front of me. Plus a duty-free bag of Reese’s Pieces, obvs.

Sarah Bentley, Head of Digital

With a behemothic fear of flying, I usually ask myself not what
would make my flight comfortable but what will stem a sure and
sudden panic attack. My emergency kit includes a small bottle of
cognac (consumed at any time of the day or night because turbulence
never sleeps), nicotine gum and in-ear headphones to drown out the
nasty cacophony of aeroplane sounds. Outside of my emergency kit I
always carry a large scarf to burrow into – my favourite is by
Max Mara (they are incredibly warm, lightweight
and don’t take up much room). I wear open-toe sandals in
anticipation of my feet inflating, or ballet pumps in the winter
(never anything too cocooned). I also like to use Omorovicza’s face mist throughout the flight
and a rose balm to keep my nose, lips and eyes from drying out too

Gilly Hopper, Deputy Digital Editor

My in-flight mainstays are predictable, pedestrian and
plane-approved. Once airborne, I like to slip on some slouchy socks
from Avoca Handweavers and whip my hair into a top
knot (I can’t think clearly with my hair down). My mainstay
in-flight items include: a book (I’m currently readingThe Fashion
Conspiracy by Nicholas Coleridge), Nuxe Rêve de Miel lip balm (hydration is key),
a toothbrush, a Muji pen for scrawling and plotting and thisworks’ In Transit Camera Close-Up– it’s a
mask, moisturiser and primer all-in-one. Being the planner (and
pathological worrier) that I am, I also like to have a spare change
of clothes (incase my luggage gets lost) and a miniature clothes
steamer in tow – a confusing and contradictory combination, I

Linda Blank, Commercial Director

If I’m flying really early in the morning, I take a neck pillow
and a cosy sweater or a scarf so I can sleep on the plane. If it’s
a “normal” flight time, then I definitely take a book to catch-up
on reading and make the time go by faster as well as a moisturiser
to keep my skin hydrated.

Anna Burbidge, Head of Partnerships

My main airport essential is a clear case for my 100ml items –
it’s exactly the same size as the plastic bag that they give you at
the airport, so I don’t have to waste time at security. I also take
a bamboo toothbrush with me now because I always
forget one and it’s environmentally friendly. I also never forget
my moisturiser from COOLA, which smells like a mimosa.

This image is on holiday

Ranyhyn Akui, Social Media Editor

I’m a pretty light flyer, so you won’t catch me with anything
but my phone filled with downloaded shows (not sure what I’m going
to do now Love Island is over…), a pair of headphones and a
bottle of water on short flights, but for long-hauls my must-have
item is a pair of cosy velvet-lined tights (full disclosure: mine
are from Primark). Those flights are absolutely freezing, so I
usually wear a jersey/cotton dress that I can put the tights on
under once we’re in the air – they’re so comfy! I am also addicted
to this soothing aromatherapy jet-lag pulse point roller
ball that someone gave me once and I now can’t stop using – can’t
say it helps with jet lag, but the scent just relaxes you

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