Ahead of the Game: Misela x SUITCASE Launch a Bespoke Lifestyle Collection

In collaboration with Misela, a favourite brand among Istanbul’s modish crowd, we’ve designed a customisable collection of games that are at once classic and cool. Roll the dice for contemporary nostalgia whether you’re at home or away.

In a world where connection is measured in signal strength, taking the time to sit down and play an IRL game with those we love is the ultimate indulgence. Candy Crush? No thanks.

With this in mind, we've teamed up with chic Turkish accessories label, Misela, to craft a limited-edition collection of throwback games perfect for bringing on your travels, whiling away staycations, entertaining on rainy afternoons or bringing out for post-dinner party shenanigans.

Those on the pulse of global design might recognise Misela's chevron print from the East-meets-West totes and ruched bucket bags draped across the arms of Istanbul's beau monde, or perhaps you spotted the white-and-gold pochettes and clutches made in partnership with Annabel's of Mayfair.

Inspired by her hometown of Istanbul, Mislea's founder and creative director Serra Türker has created an accessories brand that weaves together art, culture, travel and a life well lived - we can relate.

So are games set to be the new trend of 2020? Not these ones; these pieces are designed to last. Misela plays by its own rules. Each item is crafted by a small, in-house production team in Turkey's cultural capital. Choose from the slick green backgammon set emblazoned with your initials or the softer beige-and-burgundy iteration. Pick up a deck of cards decorated with bold graphics that take their cue from Cairo and Broadway, or piece together a jigsaw of Hagia Sophia.

Tapping into halcyon memories as potent as the smell of home cooking (minus the family squabbles over the Monopoly board), a Misela x SUITCASE game is the kind of fun-loving, luxury piece that never goes out of fashion. It's playtime.