Bunny’s Beauty Tips: Make-Up in the Heat

Bunny’s Beauty Tips: Make-Up in the Heat

in the heat is like wearing a leather jacket on the
beach. Sweaty and pretty uncomfortable. So Bunny Hazel
has compiled some golden rules to help you combat sun,
sea and sand. Hint: multitasking products are always
winners and powder isn’t necessarily the answer for mattifying

Prime to prevent

When the heat is on, your pores dilate and oil production is on
the up. Your skin won’t thank you for slathering on a thick layer
of cream, so stick to lighter lotion formulas. Products can oxidise
from an increase in sebum production in hot weather (a bit like
avocados going brown when exposed to air) so go for multitasking
options to reduce the likelihood of ingredients clashing, which can
result in a not-so-natural orange tone later in the day. Try using
a product with built-in primers and coverage to create a barrier
between your skincare and colour make-up; my favourite is Sunday Riley’s breathable tinted primer. This
miracle product plumps the skin with hyaluronic acid while letting
it breathe with rejuvenox. It never feels sticky, provides light
coverage and evens out redness, with the added benefit of being oil

Keep it cool

One of the first things I do when I arrive at a hotel is stash
my skin mists in the mini bar – you’ll feel super smug when you
return to your room after a day at the beach to a chilled drench of
Caudalie’s Grape Water Spray. It’s super hydrating and
perfect for slightly too sun-kissed bodies. Another option is skin
experts Skindivania’s collaboration with Urban Decay. They’ve
created the frankly futurist
chill spray
with time-release temperature control technology
which cool the surface of your make-up. I relied heavily on this to
keep model Wayne Booth looking fresh on my recent trip to Kerala to shoot SUITCASE Volume
. Top tip: if you are going to be in the sun all day, pack
your beauty essentials in a mini cool bag to stop them spoiling in
the sun.

Where to glow

There’s a fine line between glowing and greasy but beauty in the
heat doesn’t have to mean lifeless-looking skin – placement of
mattifying products is key to being on the right side of that line.
I suggest extending the ‘T’ zone of forehead and nose to an ‘H’
zone which includes the side of the nose, upper lip and around the
chin. Play around with texture in other areas, such as opalescent
highlights along the cheekbone using Bare Minerals well-rested face and eye
. Try using it above the arch of the brow too – it
will define and lift without the need to use heavy-looking brow

Matte attack

Think powder is the only way to velvety skin? Think again.
Reapplying on top of oil can lead to not to a not-so-subtle look as
it binds with moisture and results in a pancake-like complexion.
Nice. Blot away excess oil with Tacha Japanese beauty papers – nifty blotting
sheets which leave skin fresh, dry and ready for a touch up. A
mattifying primer lends a helping hand too; I’m currently squeezing
my way through Sisley’s instant perfect, which is light and
super smoothing. It also contains frangipani blossom extract to
minimise the appearance of dilated pores, as well as peptidic soya
extract to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.

Stain power

What looks good when you leave the house in the morning can send
you into a paranoid panic by lunchtime when it’s slipped or
smudged. To counteract this, pick products with longevity –
anything with waterproof or crease-resistant formulas is good for
day-to-day use. My current obsession are the new MAC versicolour stains. These stained glass
effect glosses adhere to the skin and leave a lasting coloured
tint. Feeling fruity? Try peaches and apricots on lips and cheeks
for a monochrome look with staying power.

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