Summer Pages: Accra, Ghana

This project documents the past summer I spent as a photographer in my home city of Accra. It's a collection of conceptual photographs that attempt to portray the unity between artists all over the world, with a strong message about female power and counteracting racism through art.

The idea came to me when I was meeting a lot of creative people. I decided to photograph them as a way of exploring how individuals express themselves and their emotions, which I find particularly interesting when it comes to artists.

I always want my voice to be heard in the work that I do - how I see, how I feel, how I respond - so I thought taking a seemingly random collection of photographs with different stories in varying locations would help others to see the world through my eyes. In part, the aim was to "sell" my Ghana.

It's called Summer Pages because each photograph shows something different and has unique significance. The message could be on the subject's shirt; the expression in their eyes; the curvature of their mouth. My message is that art has the power to unite people.


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