Sustainable Swaps: Conscious Essentials for a Long-Haul Flight

Sustainable Swaps: Conscious Essentials for a Long-Haul Flight

From green gadgets to responsible beauty heroes, these are the sustainable essentials you’ll be glad you make room for in your carry-on.

to the skies for over a couple hours is always exciting;
the promise of far-flung adventure and in-flight movie premieres
ignites the child in all of us. Yet there are certain inevitable
inconveniences that we’ve come to learn (the hard way) need to be
taken into consideration, and a curated carry-on bag can make all
the difference when it comes to navigating these

Don’t get us wrong, we’ve not missed the fact that long-haul
travel is in itself unsustainable, but we’re also conscious of the
reality that it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Instead of
ignoring its impact, we’re switching things up with some simple
sustainable swaps, while following the old saying that “no act is
too small to make a difference”.

Go green: our ultimate responsible carry-on packing list

Set Battery


Working to the mantra that good, minimalist design not only
simplifies people’s everyday lives, but also has less impact on the
planet, Nolii’s Set Battery is the sort of gadget you wish you’d
had on you that one time your phone battery and power bank died at
the same time (on a 13-hour flight to Hawaii). Kitted out with a
magnetic attachment for simultaneously charging your power bank and
phone, this genius charger is a no-brainer for any flight longer
than a couple of hours.

Buy now at Nolii£55.00

Aviator Carry-On Plus


This ideally sized suitcase from Paravel doubles up as either a
cabin or hold bag. Made from recycled materials including 15
plastic bottles, the design-forward, carbon-neutral suitcase rolls
with 360-degree rotation wheels for an extra-smooth journey. Oh,
and Paravel will offset all estimated carbon emissions from your
first trip with the bag, too, so your next adventure will be 100
per cent guilt-free, wherever you go.

Buy now at Paravel£204.00

Positive Vibration Over-Ear Headphones

House of Marley

Blocking out unwanted noise with a good pair of over-ear
headphones is a must for any long-haul trip, and this pair from
House of Marley ticks all our green-credentials boxes. Made with
mindfully sourced materials like wood composite, recycled plastic
and organic cork, each pair of headphones also supports global
reforestation and ocean preservation projects through the brilliant
Project Marley Global Giving initiative.

Buy now at House of Marley £130.00

Collapsible Bottle


Remember that time your jittery plastic water cup toppled all
over you during turbulence? Yeah, us too. Enter Que’s Collapsible
Bottle; a reusable container you can collapse and stash away in
your bag, then expand at a moment’s notice for on-the-go hydration.
In short, this is a sustainable alternative to single-use cups and
bottles, promising an end to spillages and the quick quenching of
constant in-flight thirst.

Buy now at Que£19.00

Straight Pant, Bone

Wol Hide

A female-founded brand focusing on quality natural, organic and
deadstock materials, Wol Hide takes a purpose-driven approach to
production, meaning that the label leaves the lightest footprint on
the planet possible. Made from 100 per cent baby alpaca, these
knitted lounge pants are not only sustainable (alpacas are one of
the most Earth-friendly wool-producing animals) but highly soft and
stretchy, too, making them a perfect long-haul flight

Buy now at Wol Hide£128.00

Santal 33, 50ml

Le Labo

We’re into smelling good on flights (not just for the passenger
next to us, but for ourselves, too) and Le Labo’s 50ml natural
spray vials are our answer to pocket-sized sustainable scents.
Hand-crafted in Grasse – the French home of traditional perfumery –
from responsibly harvested ingredients, each fine fragrance is
meticulously crafted to perfection in a lab, before being
sustainably packaged, personalised and shipped.

Buy now at Le Labo£141.00

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