The Carry On: August 2018

The Carry On is our monthly round up of our favourite travel items we'd happily haul from Stansted to Seville, Heathrow to Hydra. Be it a functional fedora or the latest in skincare science, we've probably got it in our carry on. Riffing on the adage "if you can think it, you can be it" - we're saying: "If you can jam it in your carry on… you can bring it." Catchy.

Note: weight restrictions and other practicalities do not apply.


Eve Lom

Preflight you're looking dewy. Fast forward 30 minutes and the airplane aircon has wreaked havoc with your skin. Dynaspot is an emergency treatment developed by EVE LOM for pesky (and prominent) pimples - in short, it's a godsend. With a hefty dose of salicylic acid (plus a concoction of soothing antiseptic extracts) Dynaspot is one of the most effective spot treatments we've testered. It soothes inflammation, and works double-time to brings down redness. Plus, you can use the product under or over your make-up.

Buy now at Eve Lom£22.00

Whispersync for Voice App


Getting to the final pages of a chapter to be told it's time to disembark your flight is cruel. When you're engrossed in a book the last thing you want to do is close it; that's why Whispersync for Voice is so darn great. With the app, you can now read a Kindle book and pick up exactly where you left off on the audiobook version. The app seamlessly switches between the two, updating each medium to your exact page location every time - poolside reading just got way easier.

Buy now at Amazon£12.99

Eau Good bottle


Single-use plastic is a no no but staying hydrated, particularly when travelling, is a big NB. Rather than picking up a throwaway bottle at WHSmith as you flit through departures, why not take your own reusable bottle? Black+Blum's Eau Good bottle is on the top of our list. It uses binchotan active charcoal to filter tap water by absorbing impurities and improves taste. Made from tritan with a natural cork stopper and a leak-proof silicone cap, it's a top choice for eco-conscious travellers.

Buy now at Black+Blum£26.95

KIKI navy sewn straw canotier hot

Maison Michel

A canotier - or boater - hat epitomises summer chic. This navy nomination by couture millinery Maison Michel (now owned by Chanel) dishes out just the right amount of Parisian charm, stopping on the right side of caricature. Punctuated with a navy grosgrain ribbon and made of 100% hemp, KIKI's elegant everyday style could take us from Tokyo to Turin.

Buy now at Maison Michel£490.00

Green silk pillowcase

White & Green

There's no point prepping and priming your skin if you're going to nosedive into your pillow (the correct term is "mechanical compression") - and exacerbate your wrinkles in the process. Dermatologists have noted that cotton and linen are more likely to wrinkle your skin than silk cases because the former fabric creates greater levels of friction. Eschewing your cotton pillowcases for silk ones, these ethically made, charmeuse silk options by White & Green are a good choice. With no buttons or zips, they're skin-friendly and won't absorb moisture, meaning creams and lotions will actually stay put. Whether you're flying long-haul or planning for your in-suite sleep, these are a mainstay item.

Buy now at White & Green£65.00

Butterfly Wings Float

Missoni x Funboy

A collaboration between a luxe pool toy company Funboy and Italian fashion house Missoni smells like Insta-bait to us. While packing an inflatable shaped like a butterfly is not the most practical advice we've ever dished out, we're sticking by it. We're trading in our swan and flamingo floaties for the Missoni x Funboy butterfly wings float and conconting our Insta stories en route to the pool. We'll probably get sick of it come late-August, but for now we have grandiose design for an air-meets-aqua photo series.

Buy now at Missoni x Funboy£112.00
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