The Carry On: November 2020

Scent therapy, yoga leggings and the fair isle sweater we’ll be wearing until 2021. Here’s what we’re coveting in our carry on this month…

The Carry On is our monthly round-up of our favourite travel items we'd happily haul from Stansted to Seville, Heathrow to Hydra. Be it a functional fedora or the latest in skincare science, we've probably got it in our carry on. Riffing on the adage "if you can think it, you can be it", we're saying: "If you can jam it in your carry on… you can bring it." Catchy. Note: weight restrictions and other practicalities do not apply.

Scent therapy, yoga leggings and the fair isle sweater we'll be wearing until 2021. Here's what we're coveting this month…

The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel 15ml


Want to wake up to smoother, brighter-looking skin? Assuming your answer was a resounding "yes", we would suggest picking up a tube of The Shortcut Overnight Facial Peel. The packaging states "while you sleep, I work" and, indeed, the overnight peel is fast-acting, using a blend of lactic and glycolic acid to resurface and renew your complexion. It's pH-balanced, non-drying and non-irritating - gentle enough to use on back-to-back nights). To use: smooth a thin layer onto clean, product-free skin and leave on overnight. Clean in the morning, as per. Apply to your face and neck two or three times a week for a fast-acting refresh.

Buy now at Versed£9.50

Fair Isle Sweater

Comme des Garçons GIRL

Knitted from a soft wool-blend and patterned with a dainty fair-isle motif, this bright, snuggly sweater has been at the top of many SUITCASE staffers' wish lists for some weeks. Nothing gets us amped up for brisk temps quite like a decent knit - named after an island in the north of Scotland, it's characterised by the horizontal bands of geometric patterns, seen here in green, lilac and pink. Team it with high-waisted trousers and a chunky boot to channel an autumnal mood.

Buy now at Comme des Garçons GIRL£390.00

Tumble Dryer Balls


A clever, cost-effective and sustainable option to fabric softeners and plastic dry balls, Steamery has become our laundry guru and these dryer balls are our latest wonder product. These wool dryer balls will cut your tumble dry time (by 10 to 30 per cent) and remove static electricity, plus since the balls make your fabrics softer, there is no need for a liquid fabric softener. Better yet, they'll last for between three and five years. Sold.

Buy now at Steamery£22.00

Super Sculpt High Waisted Yoga Leggings

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty's Super Sculpt High Waisted Yoga Legging bestsellers for a reason: they're super soft, stretchy and seriously supportive. Made from a fabric that'll keep you cool and comfortable, with handy pockets so you can keep your phone close to hand, they're our go-to for travel, running errands or simply lounging around. Pull them high up on the hips (that waistband stays right where it should whether you're on the go or deep in flow) - the seamed panels are strategically placed to streamline your figure. Shout out to this Beetle Blue colourway, which serves a game-on look for any workout class.

Buy now at Sweaty Betty£85.00

Wet Bag Maxi

La Pochette

First spotted at Third Space, and then again at The Lakes by Yoo spa, La Pochette's line of nifty pocket pouches and accessories have caught our attention of late (and not just because of their neon-bright colourways). Lightweight and made from somewhere between 30 and 50 recycled plastic bottles (per metre), La Pochette's kit runs the gamut from travel pots to sweat bags (ideal for post-gym laundry). Our current favourite: La Pochette's Wet Bag Maxi. The water-resistant bag is a winner for storing damp layers on the go - whether we're running post pilates session or have "almost dry" items we're keen to throw in our suitcase. They're waterproof, antibacterial and machine washable - we can't quite fathom how we ever made it from spa changing room to suite without one.

Buy now at La Pochette£90.00

Swim Shorts

CDLP X Cuixmala

What to run away to sunnier climes? Us too. US TOO! Thanks to the sunshine-aligned swimwear collaboration between CDLP, the Swedish purveyors of luxury essentials, and Cuixmala, an eco-restort of sorts set on the Mexican Pacific coast, we're halfway there. These fantastic Swim Shorts in Fuschia/ Flame (crafted using Econyl, an innovative regenerated nylon made from ocean waste) belong in your shopping cart - and we belong in Cuixmala, surrounded by 30,000 acres of Unesco Biosphere Reserve.

Buy now at CDLP X Cuixmala£135.00

Everyday Therapy Roll-On Solar


Rooted in a holistic approach, bashō sets its focus on the often-overlooked aspects of skincare. Putting people's natural rhythms and cycles centre stage, bashō founders Mimi and Tor have created harmonising tinctures which are pure, powerful and plant-based. The Everyday Therapy Roll-On is available in three formats: Poise, Moss or Solar. The latter is our top pick owing to its warming aroma of opulent spice, refreshing citrus and soft, subtly sweet herbaceous notes. Roll onto inner wrists or other chosen pulse points, breathe deeply and take a moment to connect with yourself and how you feel. Re-apply as desired.

Buy now at bashō£16.00

Carta d'Armenia

Santa Maria Novella

Italian brand Santa Maria Novella began life 800 years ago as a herbal apothecary peddling medicinal balms and tinctures. Products were originally created by Italian Dominican monks, who used the flowers and herbs found in the gardens of their monastery (located just outside Florence) to treat the skin ailments of patients in their infirmary. Carta d'Armenia papers are one of the storied brand's niftiest products. Soaked in a mixture of resins and spices, they remove odours from any space. To use, place on a glass or ceramic surface, fold into an accordion shape and light one end. Then, blow out the flame. The paper will continue to burn of its own accord, without smoke, for five minutes, purifying your surroundings in the process. The balmy, vanilla-like fragranced sheets may also be used to perfume clothing by placing them (not burning) in drawers, suitcases or closets.

Buy now at Santa Maria Novella£16.00
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