Why Greater Palm Springs is a Hotbed for Art, Culture and Design

Why Greater Palm Springs is a Hotbed for Art, Culture and Design

Famous for its modernist architecture, Greater Palm Springs is brimming with chic hotels, acclaimed restaurants, vintage boutiques and a thriving art scene. Not to mention the nearby verdant wineries, soaring mountains and cactus-strewn landscapes. We are here for this desert oasis in every sense. Here’s our guide to the most exciting spots to check in and check out.

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second episode in our three-part podcast series with
, we chat to Alexis Palomino and Chris Ramirez, the
founders of a design collective called Superbloom. The
dynamic duo’s endless passion for
Greater Palm Springs
is infectious.

Giving us a wealth of insider tips and in-the-know local
recommendations to help you plan your next trip, they share their
favourite natural wine breweries, the neighbourhoods we should be
exploring and the antique stores to get lost in.

Plus, The Upgrade co-hosts Amira and Fleur reveal why they find
the desert destination so irresistible and guide us through the
hotels, restaurants, bars and vintage shops you should be making a
beeline for. Oh and did someone say pool party?

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