What to Do in Belleville, Paris

Soak up the kaleidoscopic street art, take a stroll through the city’s most famous cemetery and admire the view from Belleville’s sky-tickling park with our tips for exploring this buzzy Parisian neighbourhood

Take it from us, the best way to explore Belleville is on foot, circumnavigating its greener corners and highest reaches at an ambulatory pace so you have time to take in the dizzying graffitied walls and bohemian streets. Most guides will send you straight to Edith Piaf's old apartment - now a museum dedicated to the city's most celebrated chanteuse - but we'd rather keep explorations outdoors.

Views across Paris from Parc de Belleville


Climb Parc de Belleville

Parc de Belleville is one of the least-well-known of Paris' city parks, but one of the most charming. Climb the steps from the south side, flanked by trees and sloping lawns, and at the top you'll be rewarded with a fabulous view of the city, including a clear view across to the Eiffel Tower. In summer, locals enjoy grabbing a beer at Moncoeur Belleville and sipping it al fresco while taking in the vista.


47 Rue des Couronnes, 75020

Grafitti in Belleville, Paris
Photo credit: QRoy / Shutterstock.com


Explore art on Rue Dénoyez

Lovers of street art will be in heaven on the narrow Rue Dénoyez. Back in the 1830s, when Belleville was still an outpost of Paris, Mr and Mrs Dénoyez ran a cabaret on this street, and it still has a creative and festive feel. The walls are a colourful kaleidoscope of tags and murals, including some beautiful portraits. Along the way, you'll find cute cafés and restaurants, including the fabulous Le Grand Bain.


Rue Denoyez 75020

Tombs at Pére Lachaise in Paris


Enter the enchanting world of Père Lachaise

This iconic cemetery is more than just a resting place for some of Paris' most famous inhabitants, like Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison and Belleville-born Edith Piaf. It's also a picturesque and beautiful city park with its own intricate network of alleyways and a spellbinding array of statues and memorials. Though visiting this site might seem sombre on the surface, in reality, Père Lachaise feels more like a place where life is respected and celebrated. To appreciate another side of the place, check out the Instagram account @la_vie_au_cimetiere, run by the cemetery's conservationist, Benoît Gallot, who showcases the fauna of the cemetery, including its birds, stray cats and wild foxes.


16 Rue du Repos, 75020

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