SUITCASE’s Top Travel Destinations for 2018

SUITCASE’s Top Travel Destinations for 2018

the colourful coastal towns of Chile to Lanzarote’s wild
north via Toronto’s creative scene and a cultural revival in
Mostar, in no particular order we’ve picked out our must-visit
destinations for 2018.



Rocky coves, aquamarine lagoons and low prices make us think of

a decade or so ago. A less obvious holiday choice for
sun-seeking western Europeans, wander through 4000 years of history
in the tiny capital of
, which is packed with palaces, churches and
offering an idyllic snapshot of Europe’s past



Estonia’s capital
is the country’s cultural hub, where medieval
architecture and cobbled streets meet contemporary living in the
form of skyscrapers and an emerging food scene. Tick this Eastern
European city off your list before the stag dos arrive –
English-speaking locals, activities such as ziplining over the
Jägala Waterfall and low prices mean it won’t be long.

The Peloponnese


Steeped in myths and legends as the birthplace of both Hercules’
and the archipelago where Athens fought Sparta,
this mountainous area
in southern Greece overflows with relics
from its colourful past, seen in fortresses, temples and palaces
which draw influence from across the Byzantine Empire. The
southerly location means a longer summer season, while the climate
lends itself to the production of some of the country’s best food
and wine. When you’ve had your culture fix, head to the idyllic
pedestrianised island of Spetses for undisturbed beach vibes.



has been the South American darling of the past few
years and now it’s Chile’s turn, with British Airways’ launch of a
direct flight between London and
ensuring it’s very much in the spotlight. Stretching
nearly 4,300km from north to south, the country is a land of
extremes, boasting diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife. Beyond
the capital, vibrant cities such as Valparaiso offer colourful
cliff-side houses and quirky charm, while the
Atacama Desert
for salt plains and starry skies.



As is often the case with places under strict political regimes,
rebellion arrives in the form of creativity. Such is the case in
where a young generation is going against the grain, resulting in
an underground art scene which spills over into nightlife and
fashion. The city is also cleaning up its act in preparation for
the World Cup, with its gilded metro stations set to be restored to
their former glory.



The “Kate and Will effect” of the royal duo visiting for their
honeymoon saw the country jump to the top of many travellers’
wishlists. While many visit Canada for adrenaline-fuelled
adventures through its dramatic landscapes,
is a cosmopolitan metropolis with an exciting music
scene, and countless bars, clubs and restaurants are popping up all
over town.

Buenos Aires


An oldie but a goodie,
Buenos Aires’
pretty streets, lively neighbourhoods, top-notch
restaurants and late-night culture never grow old. You may have
been before, but the capital is seeing a return of visitors wanting
to explore beyond tourist attractions and delve deeper into
Argentinian living, while a thriving art scene is reflected in the
arrival of Art Basel. Beyond the capital, Mendoza is the gateway to
the province of the same name – a promised land of bodegas and


Canary Islands

Long tarred with the brush of package holidays and all-inclusive
wild north offers volcanoes, wineries, architecture
and adventure. Dismiss images of high-rise buildings and boozy
Brits; whitewashed houses are scattered across lush landscapes,
attracting a new demographic of open-minded travellers.



This pretty city in south Poland has an effervescent atmosphere
championed by a motivated younger generation resisting the current
government’s conservative grip. A wealth of independent coffee
shops, eclectic bars and innovative concept stores contribute to a
lively scene for a low-cost, high-value
Euro city break

The Azores


An established port of call for yachties, this
Atlantic archipelag
o is set to be a big-hitter for those
looking for something more than a standard beach break. A
year-round destination overflowing with nature, expect black-sand
beaches, cascading waterfalls, national parks and the chance to
spot whales and dolphins. Faial Island and Flores are two of the



Chances are you’ve visited Berlin – and no
doubt loved it.
channels a similarly effortless cool, with late nights,
world-class museums and on-trend locals. There’s a constant sea
breeze, but Germany’s second-largest city lacks any air of
pretension; you’re just as likely to rub shoulders with old sea
dogs as urban creatives in the bars which line the waterfront.

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This Le Corbusier-designed city serves as the capital of the
northern states of Punjab and Haryana, and is heralded as an
example of a “perfect” metropolis. Yet India’s wealthiest, happiest
and cleanest city is often overlooked by visitors. If you’ve done

this architectural beauty
with its
brutalist buildings
will give you a different perspective on
the endlessly surprising subcontinent.

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Emilia Romagna


Nestled between Veneto,
and Lombardy, this
in northern Italy has been little more than a stop-off
and Venice.
But its location between the Adriatic Coast and the chilly Alps
with the warm Mediterranean to the south means fertile soil perfect
for growing many of the country’s signature ingredients. Visit for
an under-the-radar summer getaway, or go for truffle season in



We’ve been singing the praises of Isla
for the past year, but this town on the country’s west
coast is our latest Mexican obsession. Popular among surfers since
the 1960s, this laid-back beach bolthole reminds of us of Tulum
before everybody discovered it. Think killer street food, bohemian
bars, independent shops and a relaxed in-the-know crowd.



tiny Buddhist kingdom’s

refusal to jump on the globalisation bandwagon has earned it the
title of “the happiest place on earth”. Shunning GDP and
international franchises and only tuning into television in 1999,
it’s also the only carbon-neutral country in the world. Go for a
genuine experience of indigenous culture which is increasingly hard
to find.



on Portugal’s lesser-visited west coast was one of our
favourite summer destinations of 2017 thanks to beach-shack vibes
reminiscent of an undiscovered Ibiza
Jose Ignacio
in Uruguay. But the entire
Alentejo region
is an untapped paradise of dramatic coastlines,
perfumed citrus groves and charming local restaurants with barely a
tourist in sight – yet.



Somewhat overshadowed by Copenhagen
, Oslo
looks set to enjoy increased popularity by those looking to
continue riding the Scandi wave elsewhere. A mix of urban cool and
green spaces joins a thriving coffee culture, alongside a stylish
streak championed by a host of
fashion Instagrammers
making it the city break for 2018.



Arabic conservatism meets a forward-thinking spirit in this
middle eastern capital. Its close proximity to the
give the country a relatively liberal air, while the
current feeling is one of a desert town coming out of its shell. A
visit to nearby Petra
(dating back to 300 BC) is one of those rare experiences that will
stay with you forever.

Sidi Bou Said


While Morocco
is an all-time favourite, Tunisia remains an underrated holiday
destination. An excellent option for a break that combines city and
beach, diverse landscapes take you from Sahara
to tree-lined coast. Fabled ruins such as those at the
nearby Carthage are juxtaposed with a progressive government who
are reforming laws to address a gender imbalance against women.
Don’t miss the the UNESCO World Heritage city of Kairouan, while
the jewel has got to be Sidi Bou Said, a blue and white seaside
town and creative hub.



Western Australians have known that their capital is a
little-discovered gem for years, and with Qantas launching direct
flights between London and
from March, soon everyone else will too. Already worth a
stop-over for endless beaches (there are 19 in easy reach) and a
relaxed atmosphere, in recent years Perth has developed a buzzing
art, culture and
festival scene
, complemented by a roster of innovative
restaurants and quirky bars that seem to double in number with
every visit.

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Addis Ababa


One for intrepid travellers looking for something different,
Ethiopia’s capital of Addis Ababa is a somewhat overwhelming mix of
frenetic markets, fantastic food set against a backdrop of Orthodox
Christian and Islamic beliefs. The result? A fascinating mishmash
of cultures. Despite a thriving economy, poverty is still very real
and your trip may not be plain sailing, but those who persevere
will be rewarded by a wealth of new experiences encompassing
people, places and things. Head to the Simien
to unwind, hike and spot wildlife after the madness
of the city.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Eastern European capital
offers an intelligent city break that
promises to educate as much as entertain. Not so long ago crippled
by civil war, the country has been rebuilding itself at an
impressive speed. A new generation are channelling their energy
into tourism, resulting in a culinary renaissance matched by
unrivalled hospitality. Much like Tbilisi and Moscow, this
relatively newfound freedom is also stirring a cutting-edge
creativity, seen in emerging music and art scenes.



While many return to Barcelona and Madrid time and time again,
Valencia happily lurks in the shadow of its larger counterparts –
and to its advantage, as a city with just as much to offer but
fewer crowds to dodge as a result. With cultural institutions to
rival its competitors, futuristic architecture meets an historic
old quarter. With a stellar restaurant offering – this is the
birthplace of paella, after all – alongside an effervescent
nightlife, this is the Spanish sweetheart to have up your



Sitting at the confluence of East and West, Lebanon’s sprawling
is a glorious culture clash, most apparent in its
striking architecture and diverse food scene. Religious
conservatism meets a fashion-forward young crowd and heady
nightlife – which largely escapes the flashiness of Dubai
– making for an interesting Middle Eastern getaway.