Travel TikTokers to Follow in 2022

Travel TikTokers to Follow in 2022

TikTok is providing a window to travel, albeit of the armchair variety. Offering up everything from solo-travel tips to how to tour Asia on a budget, these are the trailblazers to follow in 2022.

us, joining TikTok took some convincing. It wasn’t until we
felt fully out of the loop in the group chat, and after tasting
that famous feta pasta recipe, that we finally caved. After
swapping our PhD in maturity for mastering the renegade dance, we decided to up our game and hunt down
the coolest creators this app has to offer.

No, we’re not talking about the sort that share their OOTD
(outfit of the day) or those that provide more drama than a
West End production. We’re talking about the
people who bring us along on their travel adventures, spotlight
lesser-trodden neighbourhoods and share their ultimate travel
hacks. Here are the TikTok travel pioneers to follow in 2022.

Nine TikTok travel trailblazers to follow in 2022


Madeline Lu’s travel montages are more satisfying than a Wes Anderson script. Highlights span chomping cheese fondue in snowy Switzerland to summer nights spent sipping a zesty shot of limoncello in Sicily. Follow for an insight into everything from Provence’s most spectacular sunflower fields to Belgium’s best brunch spots.


Travelling solo? London-based Abena is the ultimate female adventurer to watch. From hunting down Venice’s most affordable gondola rides to scouting out the best walking routes on the banks of the Thames, Abena’s @travellingtuesdays account should become any lone traveller’s bible.


We’re the first to call out the “bucket list” term for overstaying its welcome, but we’re making an exception for this account. What @unseenwonders lacks in creative captions, it makes up for in captivating content. While you’ll find the occasional off-grid destination thrown into the mix, the majority of features cover the world’s coolest hotels – think Mexican caves and a Maldivian underwater suite.


Travelling in a van might not be for everyone, but for those looking to green-up their travel habits in 2022, Summer Ginther is set to steer you in the right direction – if you’ll pardon the pun. Expect nourishing vegan dishes, soothing yoga rituals and pointers on how to connect to the internet on the move. Plus, Ginther’s renovation project on her A-frame cabin provides interior hacks you never knew you needed.


Travelling as a same-sex couple can sadly be a daunting prospect, especially when it comes to navigating different countries’ laws and regulations. Enter, New York-based-couple Gabi and Shanna, who share their tips on where to find the most LGBTQ-friendly destinations. Prepare for plenty of #storytimes and whacky sketches, which often feel too enjoyable to be free content.


The best day in the ancient city 😍🇬🇷 off to the islands tomorrow! #greece #athens #lgbtq #lesbiancouple #tiktoktravel #travel

♬ swing lynn – lovdfilmz


The Chinese-American Patricia, who lives in Japan, has an impressive skill set for scouting out the coolest independent businesses that lesser-known Japanese prefectures have to offer. Foodies should tag along for the account’s generous serving of next-level food-porn – picture pizza takoyaki and matcha-mocha pancakes.


Italian-born Matteo Mangano makes hiking a national park look like a stroll around the block. It’s no secret that we’re prone to a long, lazy lunch, but our inner thrill-seeker loves a hike just as much. If you, too, enjoy a nature-filled challenge, you’ll likely be saving and sharing the majority of Mangano’s ridiculously easy-on-the-eye videos.


With a following the same size as a small country, Jaro is TikTok’s port of call for all things smart travel. Whether you’re heading off on a budget, trying to globetrot more purposefully or are looking to find a bougie boutique hotel, these carefully considered videos will have you hooked.


Are we missing any countries on this list?! Try THIS SONG in your travel vid now! 🙈🌞🌏 #travel #tiktoktravel #cheaptravel #travel2022

♬ Lost – Matthew Gold


Nicknamed “Granola Girl”, mountain-blogger Denae shares the essentials you’ll need for that upcoming camping trip. Showcasing recipes, hairstyles and all the gear you’ll need to get going on the trails, this Colorado-based creator puts the glamour into glamping.

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