Ulcinj, Montenegro

Ulcinj, Montenegro


Ulcinj, Montenegro.

Why now?

With days that feel like summer tantalising us before the rain
returns with vengeance, it’s hard not to start daydreaming about
getaways filled with sun, sand and icy rosé. Ulcinj, a small
Montenegrin town on the Adriatic coast, provides all of these for a
price that would be impossible to find in seaside Spain or Italy.
The old town’s winding medieval streets lined with knotted olive
trees meet a shimmering coast that will make you forget that
and Menorca were
ever options.

Don’t miss…

Home to a craggy stretch of coastline bordered by aquamarine
waves, this small town is known for both seaside relaxation and
hardcore watersports. Rent a kitesurf and jet along the shoreline
that professionals hailing from
to Melbourne
travel to in order to catch the best wind gusts and waves.
Decompress with a mai tai at Provocateur Beach Bar before indulging
in a four-hour seafood extravaganza come dinnertime.

Ulcinj is one of Montenegro’s most beautiful medieval towns, so
make sure to take a few hours off from sunbathing for a leisurely
lunch at the former Venetian Palace, where you can now rent a room.
For a slightly more unusual activity, check out Ulcinjska Salina to
catch a glimpse of flamingos sunning themselves.

Who to take with you

That friend who is just as happy spending hours lying on the
beach as trying their hand at a new watersport, who will join you
in a book and early bed or dance until sunrise.

When to go

May through August.

Most likely to bump into

Watersports pros and in-the-know former Ibiza-goers
who got sick of the crowds.

Essentials to bring with you

Your highest heels – the bouncers at most of the city’s
nightclubs won’t look twice if you aren’t dressed to the nines.

How to get there

Fly into Podgorica Airport. Once you’ve touched down, hop on the
bus to Ulcinj (which has very frequent departures) to get there in
an hour and 45 minutes.

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