Eight Under-the-Radar European Beaches

Eight Under-the-Radar European Beaches

been on the hunt for lesser-known pockets of paradise,
because there’s little worse than hearing the voice of someone from
your hometown yelling down the phone on the sun lounger next to

Seychelles Beach

Ikaria Island, Greece

You’d be excused for thinking you were somewhere far more
tropical than Greece – and not just thanks to the name. About 25km
west of Agios Kiriko, Seychelles is a secluded cove where rock
formations fall into clear waters over beaches of smooth pebbles.
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Greek islands
for more inspiration.

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We’ve already tipped it to be the next Croatia and the village
of Dhërmi is a must if you’re travelling to
. More lived-in than commercial, restaurants and
guesthouses blend in with the surroundings rather than being an
intrusive presence aimed at tourists.

Notre Dame Beach

Porquerolles, France

This under-appreciated stretch on the French Riviera is a haven
of eucalyptus and pine, with wooden stairs leading the way down to
the white sand offering a rare snapshot of a glamorous era gone

Porthminster Beach

St Ives, UK

An almost-hidden strip of sand, Porthminster is a true jewel on
the south coast. On a clear day, you can see out from the bay
towards the rocks and a lighthouse – a view in which Virginia Woolf
found inspiration for “To the Lighthouse”.

Playa de la Tejita


A little-known beach in Tenerife
sounds about as likely as a blue moon, but this particular stretch
strikes an ideal balance between catering for travellers and
staying under the radar – despite playing host to the 2015
windsurfing championships.

Brela Beach


Brela Beach is one of the most idyllic in Europe, with far less
people than you’d expect – surprising given Croatia’s
ever-increasing popularity. On the horizon you can see the Biokovo
Mountains, a nature park playing host to species including eagles
and chamois, bringing added intrigue to a beach holiday.



Ireland is often overlooked in European beach lists, but Lahinch
certainly deserves a mention thanks to a crescent-shaped coastline
facing the Atlantic with impressive waves attracting surfers from
all over.

Porto Giunco


While more well-known than many of the beaches on this list,
Porto Guinco isn’t yet bursting at the seams with crowds though
does offer enough in the form of entertainment – a good choice for
those looking to relax but not be totally at sea.