Bali's Understated Beauty

I arrive in Bali after an arduous 24-hour flight and I stand there, camera in hand, donning a more-vibrant-than-usual printed shirt. For 10 days I'm another restless tourist, pointing and shooting whatever and whoever comes to my attention.

I hike to the top of the Mount Batur in pursuit of a panoramic snap and practise yoga knee-deep in flora. On Bingin Beach, I witness the wildest and most colourful sunset I have ever seen, then I take part in Hindu celebrations with local worshippers. I walk through the Tegalalang rice fields and stroll for endless hours in a local market in Ubud.

Bali is an hugely popular destination that is almost overshared on Instagram. It's hard to imagine a corner that has yet to be discovered or documented. Yet, somehow, to me it managed to feel fresh, new and unseen - I wanted this series to capture that side.

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