Venice: A Munificent Feast

Venice: A Munificent Feast

was my second visit to Venice, again, en route to another
destination. With less than 24 hours here, passing through from
Pula, Croatia and headed to Puglia, Venice is unique in its ability
to reward in a short amount of time as much as a long one.

Having braved the crowds to see the sights on my previous visit,
this time we headed straight back to my favourite area – the Jewish
Quarter. An enclave that most tourists probably never see, here the
pace is slow and there is space to absorb the magic of the city.
Casting our social media net wide to find out a great spot to eat,
we munched on cicchetti and seafood gnocchi from the fish half of
Al Timon, a trattoria that Polpo has
without doubt taken cues from. Its casual, fast-paced, effortless
charm (full of locals and small dogs) won our hearts. After a
post-dinner evening walk around the area we returned for a Fernet
Branca nightcap on a buzzy pontoon on
the canal filled with young Venetians.

As a photographer motivated by colour and texture, Venice is a
bounteous feast. You don’t need to see the sights to feel the
history of the place – every wall, doorway, window and alleyway has
a story to tell; the place oozes dark tales, mystery and intrigue,
at night even more so. By day, the crumbling warm, faded oranges
and yellows, offset by emerald-green water and coloured boats
encourage you to keep exploring, turning corner after corner to see
what you might stumble across next. The city’s grandeur is
surpassed only by its realness; its old-world charm evokes a
certain nostalgia in me. It’s that
uniquely Venice, dark, but not sordid, undertone that keeps me
coming back for more.

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