1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, New York

you’re in New
and phrases like “local artists”, “native greenery” and
“reclaimed materials” are thrown around you can be almost certain
you’re in Brooklyn. At 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge,
reclaimed wood decks the walls, plants and foliage sprout out of
every crevice and a bounty of fresh apples spill from farm barrels
in the lobby. A homage to the neighbourhood, interiors are
dominated by local artwork and upcycled materials. Furniture
throughout has been crafted from wood recycled from the Coney
Island boardwalk, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and from Bronx
trees felled by Hurricane Sandy.

Everyone who works here looks like a part-time
model-slash-creative, and while none of the staff appear to be
wearing a uniform, their grey/navy cotton vibe is consistently
urbane (right down to the engineer donning a paint-splattered
boiler suit that Yeezy would approve of).


Sustainable details in all the rooms – from cups made out of
recycled green-glass bottles to untreated cotton bathrobes –
1 Hotel‘s ethos is clean living.
With views of the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, 1 makes the most of its
positioning. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood
in, meaning that on a clear day it’s easy to spot Manhattan
landmarks such as the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower.
Word of warning: the hotel may not be the best place to go with
someone you don’t know that well as the shower is behind a
completely clear glass door and while the loo door is a little more
frosted, it’s certainly not private.

What’s for breakfast?

One of the best things about American breakfast is the
consistently enormous portions – and here is no exception. Try an
immense slab of seven-grain toast under what seems to be the
contents of at least two large avocados. Sound basic? This version
come with pickled beetroot and vine tomatoes and will keep you
going until dinner. If jetlag lingers, the steel-cut oatmeal
complete with pecans and golden raisins is armour following an
earlier-than-usual wakeup call.

How about lunch and dinner?

The Osprey serves American comfort food on small and large
plates – again, “small” should be taken with a (large) pinch of
salt. It’s straightforward but tasty fare with a seasonal menu and
killer views of the East River. While a brunch/lunch menu is also
available, we recommend popping into the lobby-level Neighbors Café
for coffee, fresh juices and snacks from local Brooklyn

Is there a bar?

Following a day navigating the throngs, seek sweet relief in
gazing at the sights from afar. Back at the hotel, head to the 10th
floor to sip a cocktail of sweet vermouth, Campari and club soda at
the Brooklyn Heights Social Club. It’s pitch-black inside, so we
couldn’t tell you what the decor is like – suffice to say, the
lights of Manhattan
are the main attraction.

Things you should know

Eco credentials
– think wind-powered generator, a food-waste
digester and all-natural products – are ever-present. There isn’t a
plastic bottle in sight in the minibar; instead, a steampunk-style
tap on the wall dispenses filtered water, while coffee is served in
glass Keep Cups. We’re not sure if the square-foot bed of moss and
foliage by the sink serves any eco purpose – but we like it


The renowned Bamford Spa (of Daylesford fame) has an outpost
here should you need a touch of mind and body rejuvenation. If the
holistic Blissful Haybarn Day package isn’t enough to give you a
glow, head to the 24/7 Field House Fitness Centre or try a heated
barre session with in-house POE (an acronym for “peace on earth”)
yoga. For skyline views, head to the open-aired 1 Rooftop where
there’s a garden, bar and plunge pool.

Within a short walk you’ll find…

If staying south of the river, a stroll around nearby (and
frankly underrated) Dumbo is as much a step back in time as it is
an aspirational yuppie neighbourhood complete with yoga lofts and
art galleries. Join the queue at Grimaldi’s – this was where they
opened their infamous pizza joint in 1990.