Hotel Urban, Madrid

Hotel Urban, Madrid

hotels are about comfort, others about convenience. There
are those that put luxury at the forefront of guest experience
while for many it’s about value for money. But at Urban it’s about creating
something entirely original; this is a hotel that indulges owner
Jordi Clos’ imagination, with fantastical results.

Chief of the Derby Hotels Collection, Clos’ whimsical vision
comes alive in an eccentric but sleek design mishmash which sees
indigenous artwork juxtaposed with art-deco design, resulting in
something which wouldn’t look out of place in a James Bond film.
Not one for blending in with the crowd, the hotel demands attention
from the outset. Contrasting the classical aesthetic of the central
neighbourhood in which it resides, the modern edifice stands
alien-like, cutting a stark contrast to the surrounding Spanish
buildings. Steel beams and jet-black stone encase a tower of glass
that looms overhead; upon entering a circular atrium, geometric
shapes exposed by the flood of natural light which pours in from
make for a dramatic welcome.

Everything about the hotel oozes confidence. Chic, dark and
unafraid to be different, the playful but adult interior begins
with the woodwork sculptures which greet guests at the door and
extends up to modernist style found throughout rooms, climaxing in
a gold statue of a scuba-diver-cum-soldier perched on the rooftop.
This luxury hotel is a lesson in carefully curated extroversion
which doubles up as an interactive museum and makes for a unique
stay in Madrid – and indeed the world.


The hotel’s 96 rooms and suites channel retro glamour with brown
tones, leather sofas, neutral rugs and fur throws on the beds.
Art-deco light fittings, glass doors (which slide at the touch of a
button) and design-led coffee tables make for a sleek contrast with
ancient art – including a 2,000-year-old Buddha.

What’s for breakfast?

Continental at its best, with made-to-order hot dishes if the
buffet doesn’t quite cut it.

How about lunch and dinner?

The rooftop menu spans both international and local fare ideal
for sharing poolside; think charcuterie platters, fresh bread and
croquettes alongside club sandwiches and salads – the cooling
gazpacho is a taste of Andalusian summer. The newly installed CEBO
restaurant combines cuisine from Madrid and Barcelona to create
a gastronomic road trip in an intimate setting of just 25.

Is there a bar?

Yes. The effervescent Glass Bar is all stain-glass windows and
twinkling chandeliers with crystal floors, Perspex chairs and
silver sofas. Oysters and cocktails are order of the day, while
tapas is served with a Japanese twist. An 80s soundtrack completes
the experience. For those who prefer to take their drinks alfresco,
the terraza offers views across the city and is popular with
non-guests in the evening.


A rooftop swimming pool – a rarity in Madrid, as well as a

Things you should know

This doesn’t just feel like a museum – it actually is one. Check
out the collection of Papua New Guinean art in the basement.

Within a short walk you’ll find…

Top tourist attractions such as Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and
the Parque del Retiro park are all just a short walk away.

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