Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire

Soho Farmhouse, Oxfordshire

House has been building a faithful patronage of creatives
with its properties across the globe for 20 years, but its newest
venture brings the brand back to its British roots and takes the
concept of community one step further. “A small town, large
village,” is how the staff jokingly refer to their new property,
Soho Farmhouse, but make no mistake, this quaint expansion is yet
another confirmation of Soho House’s plans for world domination in
the hospitality industry.

An hour and a half drive from London, and set on 100 acres of
gentle Cotswolds countryside, Soho Farmhouse could pass off
as the world’s most idyllic village. Here, the only vehicles on the
road are vintage duck egg blue milk trucks with perfectly worn
leather seats. Countrymen cycle in matching Wellington boots on
teal Foffa fixie bikes from their cabin and gather in the Farmyard
where wild flowers spill from the Farmhouse florist and the Deli
serves perfectly baked goods with homemade jams.

Cabins are dotted throughout the property, with robes
personalised to height, rocking chairs on the patio and outdoor
baths. Deliveries come in the form of cocktails from the 24-hour
milk truck manned by mixologists or bacon butties from the
travelling greasy spoon café. Country-folk will laugh, Londoners
won’t know the difference, but one thing’s for sure: Soho House’s
cult status just went up another notch.


There are 40 cabins dotted amongst the land with a seven-room
farmhouse and a three-room cottage. As for décor, just think of all
of Pinterest’s top search terms – country chic, rustic charm, cabin
porn, etc. We’ve never wanted to have a party somewhere more than
the seven-bedroom farmhouse (but Mark Ronson beat us to it).
Doubles from £220 (non-members).

What’s for breakfast?

A full English delivered to your doorstep by the roaming greasy
spoon café or fresh juices, homemade granola, and perfectly runny
poached eggs at the Main Barn restaurant.

How about lunch and dinner?

Modern British fare from Tom Aitkins with ingredients used from
the farm on-site. Restaurants are housed in the main barn with two
child-free dining options located on opposite mezzanines – Comfy
Farm with low sofas and a wood-fire and Fancy Farm offering a more
traditional dining experience. There is also Pen Yen in the
boathouse, a Japanese grill restaurant.

Is there a bar?

There’s a bar in the Main Barn but we love the Mill Pub, which
stays open until the last person leaves


Here goes…There is a Cowshed spa, Electric cinema, an ice
rink, a boathouse with indoor and outdoor pools, a gym and spinning
centre, tennis courts, a football field, a horse stable, adventure
park for children, a cooking school and farm, a deli, flowershop,
Alex Eagle’s The Store (hyperlink) and a homeware shop with
everything you have cooed over, available to buy.

Things you should know

This is one of Soho House’s kid-friendly properties so there are
a lot of young children running about (who will probably take your
job in 10 years).

Within a short walk you can find…

A less exciting village. Don’t leave. Bicester Village, however,
is a 30-minute drive in the direction of London. Soho House has
it’s own restaurant Farmshop at the outlet
shopping centre to break up the withdrawal.


1 Tracey Farm Cottages, Great Tew, Chipping Norton OX7 4JS,
United Kingdom,

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