Five Walkable Cities Perfect for a Weekend Break

Five Walkable Cities Perfect for a Weekend Break

truly know a city, you have to pound its streets. Forsake the
well-trodden tourist paths and let glimpses of colour draw you down
cobbled European alleys, or follow your nose to discover local
cafés in
South America
. These are five of the world’s best cities in
which to take a stroll.

The Best Cities to Explore on Foot

Buenos Aires


This vibrant city is a cultural jumble of towering modern
structures and grand European-style buildings. Wandering is the
best way to appreciate the vast diversity, standing in awe of tall
blocks and dipping into alleys to glimpse low-key barrios adorned
with colourful murals. Walk around the city centre for an
historical education, from the Casa Rosada (the office of the
Argentinian president) in the Plaza de Mayo to the old-fashioned
bars and
cafés dotting the streets
, or head to Recoleta to discover the
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, the world-renowned
Recoleta Cemetery, countless street food stalls and quirky
boutiques. Come evening, stroll through the music-filled streets of
La Boca, a lively, Italian-inspired neighbourhood and the city’s
cultural hub.



A city of contrast, Warsaw is filled with enormous Stalinist
architecture and magnificent churches offset by cutsey cafés and
charming bistros. Stroll down Ulica Nowy Świat for breakfast
options aplenty before walking the Royal Route, on which you’ll
pass the Old Town’s Unesco-protected streets lined with colourful
houses and town squares adorned with impressive communist
monuments. If you get a bit peckish on your way, grab a Polish
pączki (a type of doughnut) from one of the many vendors you’ll
find perched on street corners.

Washington DC

United States

Created from donated land from neighbouring states Maryland and
Virginia, Washington, DC has been voted one of America’s most
walkable cities – it’s home to some of the world’s best museums and
galleries. Wander along the National Mall to witness iconic
monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument,
stop by the Newseum for a spot of history or pop into the
Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History or
National Air and Space Museum. For those prone to
wandering a little too far – DC’s streets are organised
alphanumerically, meaning you should feel pretty confident in
knowing roughly where you are.


United Kingdom

In spite of its hilly terrain, the Scottish capital is best
explored on foot. From Edinburgh Waverley Station, walk south to
the Old Town to find the city’s central hub. Take a jaunt along The
Royal Mile, a long cobbled high street dotted with souvenir shops
and hidden alleyways, before making your way to Edinburgh Castle
for views over the city. Head to Bristo Square or George Square to
explore gothic university buildings before starting the downhill
stroll to the New Town for an evening of elegant dining and bar



It’s a well-known fact that you can walk from one end of Paris
to the other in under two hours, so there’s really no excuse not to
whip out your best (read: most stylish) walking shoes and strut
through the city streets. Start as the Place de la Concorde and
take a romantic stroll along the Seine, passing the Jardin des
Tuileries, place du Pont Neuf, Marché aux Fleurs and crossing the
Pont de l’Archevêché – the famous bridge covered in padlocks
symbolising eternal love. For a more obvious stroll, walk from the
Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, stopping off at the Musée
along the way.

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