Five Reasons To Keep Your Phone On Airplane Mode After You Land

Whether you're renting a house on a Greek Island or staying in a back-to-nature cabin in the Swiss Alps, there are times when getting your daily dose of Insta scrolling or tuning into Netflix shouldn't be a priority. These alternative entertainment solutions will be your go-to for the hours spent on home turf in between exploring markets and sampling street food.

Run around your neighbourhood

Oftentimes, running is the best way to discover the ins and outs of the area you're visiting. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or tend to alternate between a power walk and jog, strapping on your Nikes during a free hour in the morning can lead you down less-travelled paths and allow you to stumble upon the café where you'll later head for breakfast, or a sweet picnic spot.

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At-home bootcamp

Round up the troops and orchestrate an at-home bootcamp to make the most of the free time you have that would typically be spent mindlessly scrolling until dinnertime. This activity is best done by making the most of your natural surroundings, depending on where you are. Plan hill sprints if you're staying somewhere mountainous, or incorporate army crawls across and yoga poses into your beachfront workout. It's a great activity for big groups (and competitive ones) and gives you all the more reason (as if you needed one) for ordering large later.

Catch up on reading

Most of us have that shameful nightstand stack of half-read books begging to be finished. Take an internet-free holiday as an opportunity to finish off the ones you've been "meaning to read" for the past two years. If you're renting a house, you're likely to find a couple of books on the shelves, so pick up something you wouldn't normally choose. Alternatively, scout out a book that relates to the place you're visiting (so long as it's in a language you understand).

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Pick up local language skills

Without the ability to quickly tap words into Google Translate, you'll find that memorising a few important phrases and expressions can come in extremely handy. Pick up a phrasebook and spend your WiFi-less hours perfecting your pleases and thank yous. If you already have a rough base in the local language, this is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your German grammar or French verb conjugations.


Just about any rental home has board games, whether it's Scrabble or a poker set, that can bring out playful rivalries and keep you occupied until cocktail hour. If you're not so lucky, buy a pack of cards while you're out in town or team up for some good old-fashioned charades. Not only will this bring your group together, but it's also far more sociable than being glued to your screen.