What’s New on Netflix for the UK and US in April

Quarantine 'n' chill, anyone? Usually, we'd be too busy seeing the world to worry about what's on Netflix, but since we're adhering to government guidelines and putting travel plans on pause, the only journey we're making is between Los Lounges and La Kitchenas for snacks.

Since being temporarily glued to our sofas, we've raced through documentaries on tiger trainers and practised (read: failed miserably at) gymnastic stunts alongside Navarro College's cheer team. To keep you from rewatching Breaking Bad for the fourth time, we've sifted through Netflix's showreel to find what's worth adding to your April watch list.

Grab the snacks: these are the latest films and series to binge-watch now

How to Fix a Drug Scandal

Available 1 April

Your next docuseries binge. A Netflix original exposing two drug lab chemists' hard-hitting crimes. It's the true-crime equivalent of Breaking Bad.

Money Heist (La Casa de Papel)

Available 3 April

The fourth series of this cult show. We won't drop any spoilers, but if you haven't given this Spanish series a shot, we urge you to start immediately. Either watch with subtitles or overlook the bad dubbing. Trust us: by episode three you won't even notice.

Professor superfans should plug in to the corresponding documentary, Money Heist: the Phenomenon after.

The Circle France

Available 9 April

Need someone to analyse in your group chat now that everyone's over screaming at Love is Blind's Jessica and Mark? Enter the French version of The Circle. The UK iteration didn't really take off, but we're hoping these contestants are more flamboyant. They can choose to be themselves or impersonate someone else as they virtually interact with others - think Catfish meets Big Brother and you're halfway there.

LA Originals

Available 10 April

Follow LA creatives Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon as they reveal how they turned their Chicano roots into the kind of art that has been a driving force behind the City of Angels' street culture. It's kind of like attending an event at Soho House, but grittier.

The Innocence Files

Available 15 April

If Making a Murderer and When They See Us had you frustrated with the US justice system, then this will bring you to the brink of despair. The nine-episode show follows the non-profit Innocence Project and eight cases of wrongful convictions, which has seen families torn apart and broken by the system. It's a hard watch but a worthwhile one.

Hail, Caesar!

Available 16 April

Star-studded feature film - George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill all grace the screen - based on a fictional studio fixer in the Golden Age of Hollywood. It's not La La Land, but still worthy viewing fodder.

Despicable Me

Available 16 April

Our favourite little yellow people (except for the Simpsons, obviously) are back on our screens. Take a Disney+ break and hunker down with the oh-so-cute minions. Bonus points if you know the soundtrack well enough to sing along.


Available 17 April

Fans of Homeland will want to bookmark this one. Sergio follows a senior UN diplomat's last assignment to Baghdad. It's supposed to be an easy brief, but quickly descends into chaos. We reckon you'll get through this one in a day; it's highly addictive.

Cooked with Cannabis

Available 20 April

Picture a badass Bake Off where contestants aim to get Paul Hollywood-types as high as the hills. Chefs use cannabis cuisines mixing leafy herbs, CBD sauces and THC-infused baked goods.

Middleditch & Schwartz

Available 21 April

Blending Glee energy and Ricky Gervais's dry wit, Thomas Middleditch and Ben Schwartz present an entirely improvised Netflix comedy special. Each show is based on a random audience suggestion.

Circus of Books

Available 22 April

For nearly 40 years, an unassuming couple has run LA's favourite LGBTQ+ porn store. This is the story of how they became a hub for the local community.

Win the Wilderness

Available 22 April

Is your taste more #cabinporn than Pornhub? Tune in to watch six couples competing for the deeds to a decked-out, remote Alaskan lodge. The couples are pitted against one another to decide who's the fittest to survive the wilderness. Think Bear Grylls but for architecture addicts.


Available 29 April

If you're itching to get back on the road and planning far-flung trips, then this a must-see. Inspired by Federico Moccia's books, we follow protagonist Summer who leaves her small-town roots on an epic adventure. This is essential, carefree armchair escapism.

Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story

Available 29 April

Murder docuseries bingers: this one's for you. A true-crime deep dive into the case of Cyntoia Brown who murdered a man at the age of 16, claiming she feared for her life. We'll leave you to decide what to believe.