Food, Glorious, Food: A Gastronomic Getaway in Tenerife

We’re taking you on a food pilgrimage through Tenerife. Stopping by secret “guachinches”, new-wave wineries and the rustic restaurants serving the island’s most delicious traditional cuisine, we’re digging into Tenerife’s gastronomy. Planning a trip to the island? Listen up because we’ve got a host of insider recommendations. Here’s where to drink and dine in Tenerife.

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Wrinkly potatoes dipped in mojo wolfed down in beachside boltholes; surf huts serving world-class red wines; hiking to walk it off in lush pine-filled forests - Tenerife is the ultimate getaway for the gourmet traveller.

Calling upon two of Tenerife's food-obsessed island insiders, Carlos Hernández and Xavi Riera, we shine a light on the island's best restaurants, vineyards and beach shacks.

Plus, we'll be revealing just how to find one of the island's legendary guachinches - a traditional eatery usually in the home of a local, small-batch wine producer - the chefs shaking up the island's food scene and the must-visit restaurants you should have on your radar.

Seeking an outdoor adventure? As part of our partnership with Tenerife Tourism Corporation, our insiders also lift the lid on the secret spots to watch the sunset, the natural pools to seek out and Tenerife's most magical hiking trails.

This is a foodie pilgrimage and then some.

Time to dig in.

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