Are these the World's Most "Liveable" Cities?

Although that big-city buzz is exciting for a while, beyond the bright lights of London, New York and Paris lie extortionate rent, bad pollution and low pay. With low crime rates, affordable housing, superior salaries and buzzing cultural scenes, here are the world's most liveable cities.



With affordable housing, striking architecture, low crime rates and a good dose of culture, it isn't hard to see why Vienna tops most liveable-city lists. Rent is surprisingly affordable here, so bright and spacious Viennese apartments are highly-sought after, and most areas throughout the city are well-connected by reliable public transport systems (as well as by plenty of cycle routes). Impressive health care and education systems are paired with a strong cultural heritage - Beethoven, Klimt and Mozart all lived here - and if the city gets too much, it's only a short hop and a skip to the lush Austrian countryside. Yodel to your heart's content.



While Sydney and Adelaide are often ranked among the world's most liveable cities, Melbourne has the edge. The cultural capital of Australia, this city has lots of galleries and museums, as well as being home to underground art collectives and a vivid nightlife scene. While it doesn't have its own truly authentic cuisine, Melbourne prides itself on bringing together culinary flair from destinations all over the world - largely influenced by the vast numbers of immigrants that have already settled down in the city.



Despite its reputation as a bustling business hub, Osaka has plenty more to offer than just imports and money in your pocket. Nicknamed "the nation's kitchen", Osaka has endless numbers of high-end restaurants serving traditional dishes such as ramen, soba and sushi, while also being Japan's top city for international cuisine. A port city, Osaka is also an excellent base for those who love the water. Weekends can be spent lazing on Suma Beach or taking day trips to one of the pristine beaches nearby.



A hub for those in search for a hygge lifestyle, the Danish capital is the centre of Scandi-chic. Famous for carefully designed interiors and residents with a dress sense to rival any fashionista, the city is much more than its pared-back aesthetic. With an impressively low carbon footprint, an acclaimed restaurant scene and a reputation as one of the happiest countries in the world, Copenhagen has us judging you (and ourselves) for not moving there sooner.



Canada's biggest city also happens to be its best. The economic capital of the country, Toronto is a major city for global finance and business, perfectly balanced by plenty of arts and culture centres. Catch some live music, spend evenings at the theatre and weekends strolling through one of the city's vast parks.



A financial and cultural hub, Zurich is a magnet for immigrants. Although known for being one of the world's most expensive cities, this Swiss centre handles this reputation by providing exceedingly high average net wages to all-too-willing residents. Perfect for lovers of the great outdoors, this is the place to spend summer swimming and sailing across Lake Zurich, and winter skiing through the Alps. With close proximity to France, Germany and Austria,Zurich is easily one of the best cities in the world for expats.

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