What Makes a Best-Selling Beauty Product?

More than mere fixtures of your evening skincare routine, some products are lifelong companions. We shine a light on five Kiehl’s since 1851 products that have stood the test of time. These aren’t just good, they’re proven performers – swoon-worthy athletes of the beauty world.

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help us unpick exactly what goes into a best-selling product, we conscripted the help
of Kiehl’s, who has been dishing out potions and lotions since 1851
(how’s that for longevity?). What started as a tiny, family-run
apothecary on a horn-blasted intersection in New York has grown to
become one of the world’s most industrious skincare brands and a
must-not-miss fixture of our morning and evening routines.

While others have come and gone, each of these five products
have stood the test of time. They aren’t just good, they’re proven
performers – swoon-worthy athletes of the skincare world, if you

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Ultra Facial Cream

Made using squalane, Ultra Facial Cream helps lock in moisture
for soft, bouncy and noticeably hydrated skin. It’s the
best-selling product at Kiehl’s – the crème de la crème of skincare
if you will – and the thousands of five-star, online reviews speak
for themselves.

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Midnight Recovery Concentrate

This staple Kiehl’s formula has been around for over 10 years,
with such a loyal following it is the UK’s number one luxury
anti-ageing facial oil. Think of Midnight Recovery Concentrate as a
drip-feed of superfood, while you get some shut-eye.

Buy now at £40.00

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

Vitamin C’s potent anti-wrinkle properties are no secret among
dermatologists, but this particular concentrate trumps its
competitors by serving up added moisture thanks to a healthy shot
of hyaluronic acid – a superstar ingredient proven to help skin
retain moisture throughout the day.

Buy now at £52.00

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Always a Kiehl’s favourite, this inimitable water-in-oil cream
breaks into “bursts” of hydration, leaving the under-eye looking
brighter, smoother and refreshed. This skincare staple has such a
dedicated following that you can even buy it in “jumbo tubs”.

Buy now at £26.00

Facial Fuel Energising Moisture Treatment

We’ll take our moisturisers as we like our coffee: strong and
highly-caffeinated. This caffeine-charged facial treatment is a
worldwide bestseller for a reason. As you might expect, the
addition of caffeine helps to reduce skin’s dullness, while
chestnut extract works to improve the skin’s barrier function.

Buy now at £22.00

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