Taipei’s Best Budget Boutique Hotel

the past few years we have seen a surge in budget boutique
hotels. They are designed for the young traveller who still cares
about comfort, but would rather spend their money on what the city
has to offer, rather than Egyptian cotton or a 24-hour spa.

Hotel is ideal for that type of traveller – and the
£60 per night price tag doesn’t mean you’re living a hostel life.
Think clean, decent-sized showers with organic essential oil
shampoo, comfy mattresses, large windows and surround-sound

The hotel was opened two years ago when owner Bart Day moved
back to Taipei after living in New York. His time spent in the Big
Apple is apparent throughout the hotel – from the simple,
loft-style rooms complete with iron details and exposed brick to
the coffee bar and café downstairs (serving up clam chowder and
chicken tenders) and the bright cinema lights illuminating the

The hotel is located in the old part of Taipei which has a
slower pace than the Central Business District and plenty of
attractions. Turn off the main street and find small
street food vendors
and hundreds of
foot massage parlours
. Walk a couple of feet from the entrance
of the hotel and you’ll find Xingtian temple. Head in the other
direction and find our favourite hot beef noodle soup spot, Shi Ji
Beef Noodles.


There are 65 well-sized rooms in three tiers – single-single,
classic views, classic double. All rooms have their own shower and
bathroom, large windows and exposed brick and industrial

What’s for breakfast?

A small buffet breakfast for hotel guests with a selection of
eggs, bagels, fruits and more. There’s also a café downstairs
usually filled with young Taiwanese locals.

How about lunch and dinner?

There is a café downstairs that serves up casual, American fare
throughout the day and a tea time special.

Is there a bar?

The café downstairs has beer and soft drinks.

Things you should know

Rooms are simple, this is no fancy affair. Some guests have
complained about noise, but we slept like babies.

Within a short walk you can find…

Shi Ji Beef Noodles 史記正宗牛肉麵 – Taipei is famous
for its beef noodle soup but this is a personal favourite shown to
us by @TaipeiEats. They’re known for their
white broth beef noodle soup.

Xingtian Temple – This is a relatively new
temple built in 1967 and is always busy with crowds of worshippers
kneeling inside and offering fresh flowers and tea on the

Fortune Telling Street – Vendors read people’s
fortunes in this pedestrian underpass outside Xingtian Temple.

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