Empty Coastlines and Ethereal Moments: Baja California, Mexico

Undiscovered pockets, 100-year-old cacti and shrimp tacos charm one photographer in Baja California

weather is warm, the pace is slow and, for some reason that
I don’t quite understand – but fully embrace – the beers just taste
better south of the US-Mexico border. Baja California is Earth’s
second-longest peninsula, lapped by the Pacific Ocean on the west
and the Gulf of California on the east. It’s a place I go to
unplug, so immersive is the vibrant culture and comforting solitude
of the land.

There’s never a dull moment in Baja. When the warm sun beats
down on my SPF-slathered face as I walk among countless
100-year-old cacti, I get the sense that adventure is waiting.
Parts of the peninsula are still relatively underexplored, and I
feel as if I’m gazing out at the last frontier. Driving through the
small towns, windows down, eyes wide, I’m enchanted by the charm of
Baja. The people are welcoming and kind; the taquerias beckon me
with smells of fresh seafood on the grill. The shrimp tacos never
disappoint here.

Travelling along the bumpy coastal road, I’m met with unending
views of the Pacific flanked by rocky cliffs. More often than not,
I spy some friends emerging from the blue crystal waters; happy
dolphins dancing in the waves and majestic whales migrating south
for the season. Other than these creatures, there isn’t anyone else
to be found in the warm water, and the peeling waves and salty
spray call to me.

An empty line-up this pristine is something that every surfer
craves. There is no pressure, no crowds. Time stands still while I
float peacefully in the water and look back at an untouched
coastline. When the sun sets over the ocean, the oranges, pinks and
purples fade to black as bright stars emerge, seemingly painting
the heavens above.

Baja is a magical place that holds a place near and dear to my
heart. It’s a destination that brings endless adventure and
excitement, and memories that last long after my tan lines fade.
Each time I take a trip south of the border, I fall more in love
with its rugged beauty.

@luciannamcintosh | luciannamcintosh.com

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