Firm believers that the culture of a destination is often best told through clothing, no one combines travel and fashion quite the way we do. Our editorials are shot on location, often using local designers, photographers, stylists and hair and make-up artists to bring the stylistic soul of a place to life. We are proud of having built diversity into the core of our brand by championing local models.

To compliment our editorials, we profile up and coming designers from around the world and speak with the people who are setting trends. Want to know more about the history of Harajuku girls in Tokyo or the rise of Korean beauty products in New York? We go further than uncovering trends, and ask why they’ve come to light and what they really mean.

Shot on Location

Our editorials are shot on location all over the globe with local talent and models. From a palace in Jaipur to a glacier pool in Iceland, logistics don’t get in the way of what we do. Though sometimes we think our Fashion Director would like otherwise.

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Modern Taipei: An Architectural Playground

For Volume 22: The Design Issue we headed to Taipei in Taiwan. Photographer Cecy Young captured…


Health and Beauty

How to live well while you’re on the road and take care of yourself physically and mentally. Uncovering beauty secrets from around the globe.

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What to Pack

We’ve got a suitcase packed for every destination – whether you’re catching some rays in Tulum, bar-hopping in Stockholm, hiking through a jungle in Ecuador or going for brunch in Brooklyn.

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Take Us Back


Travel through the seasons with our last four issues. Check out emerging design destinations like Detroit for spring, pack your adventure gear for a summer in Borneo, take an autumnal train journey across Peru and wind up winter on a Canadian island.

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