Science, Sensuality and Skincare: Meet whind founder Hind Sebti

Hind Sebti is the founder of whind, whose pioneering new range of skincare products blends science-led innovation with a sensual, Moroccan approach. We talk revitalising jet-lagged skin, the time-honoured rituals of the hammam, and why the beauty industry is in need of a good dose of joy.

facial masks, abrasive skin peels, black
diamond-infused moisturisers: high-tech beauty has a reputation for
leaning towards the clinical, functional and (we think) downright
intimidating. Which is where whind comes in. Conceived with the intention of
elevating skincare to a joyful, sensual ritual, the sun-kissed
brand is fighting the good fight to bring soulful self-care back to
bathrooms everywhere.

Having worked at industry big-hitters including L’Oréal Paris,
Maybelline and Essie over a career spanning 20 years, Hind Sebti
realised that while the science of skincare had come on in leaps
and bounds during that time, its clinical functionality had taken
much of the fun out of self-care. Determined to celebrate an
approach that values glowing from the inside out, Hind looked to
her Moroccan heritage to create a range that nurtures both the soul
and the senses, as well as the skin.

Here, she chats to us about her unique Warm Science™ formulation
philosophy, her own daily beauty routine and the signature product
that’ll transport us to Marrakech
in a bottle.

Science-driven results and sun-kissed climes: Hind Sebti’s on a
quest to shake up our skincare routine

From where do you draw your inspiration?

When it comes to the sensuality of the brand, my natural
inspiration is Morocco.
Everything from our warm terracotta packaging to our signature
orange blossom scent is rooted in the visceral beauty of this
immersive country.

In terms of our product formulation, my inspiration always comes
from consumer insight, so we only use ingredients that have been
clinically proven to be highly effective.

What drives you?

A desire to bring a happier, grounded and more positive vision
of beauty to the skincare industry. Our mission is ultimately to
elevate our customers’ self-care routine to a joyful, sensual
ritual that they will look forward to each day.

How has Morocco influenced your approach to beauty?

, beauty is about glowing from the inside out, so just
as much emphasis is placed on how a skincare product makes you feel
as on how it makes you look. This positive self-care philosophy is
what taught me that beauty has the power to connect us to
ourselves, as well as to others.

Tell us about your Warm Science™ formulation philosophy. How
has this shaped your products?

We believe that when you enjoy something, you use it all the
time, so our high-performance skincare is a powerful form of
alchemy that’s all about delivering superior performance through
joy. The number one reason why customers stop using products is
because they don’t enjoy the texture or scent, so that’s why we
focus on the sensorial beauty of Morocco.
By wrapping up rigorously science-backed formulas with joyful
sensorial experiences, we create a range of hyper-performing
products that our customers look forward to using each day.

How would you describe whind in three words?

Science, joy and performance.

How do rituals play into your vision of joyful beauty?

I think it comes down to viewing skincare as an opportunity for
self-care, rather than as a chore. By pausing and indulging in the
sensuality of the experience, skincare can be elevated from a
routine into a ritual.

Everything from the packaging of a product to its transformative
texture plays such a crucial role in building a ritual, and once
this is achieved, it’s something that our customers will be excited
to indulge in again and again – this consistency is when the real
results are seen.

Talk us through your daily beauty regime…

In the morning I wake up and cleanse with Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser – it’s so
gentle and fresh. I dampen my face slightly first so that it
lathers quickly, and then rinse. I’ll then apply a Vitamin C serum,
our Marrakech Light Illuminating Magic Oil
moisturiser, and an SPF on top.

For my evening ritual, I cleanse with Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser, but this
time I massage it onto dry skin so that the jelly works more like a
balm. I’ll then add a splash of water to my face to lather the balm
into a milk, and then I wipe everything away with a damp flannel or
bamboo pad. I apply a toner and either our Sahara Silk Exfoliator for polished skin, or
our Atlas Pure Purifying Whipped Clay Mask when I’m
in need of a deeper cleanse.

Finally, I always follow this with some lip balm and our
Kasbah Moonlight Transforming Cream-to-oil Nightly

For those who are new to whind, what’s the one product they
shouldn’t miss?

This is a hard one, because all five of our products create the
fundamental foundation for a good skincare routine. If I absolutely
had to pick one, I would go for our Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser.
Cleansing is one of the most important steps in a routine, and this
is a super-gentle formula that is as luxurious and nourishing as a
balm, but as effortless to wash off as a gel. Its orange blossom
scent also makes it a dream to wake up with.

Do you have any secrets for combatting jet-lagged skin?

Yes, definitely. I would say my top four tips are:

  1. Drink water. Lots of it!
  2. Eat healthily. Avoid the temptation for sugary snacks at the
    airport. I always try to have a very balanced meal just before
    flying, and usually pack a few nutritious snacks in my bag for the
    trip, too.
  3. Set your watch to your destination. Try to stick to the local
    sleeping schedule from the get-go.
  4. Indulge. Treat yourself to a massage or facial on arrival.

Lockdown has left our skin feeling dull and dehydrated. What
products should we use for a summer-ready skin reboot?

My advice would be to exfoliate, nourish and renew. Shed the old
and brighten your skin with our Sahara Silk Vanishing Cream exfoliating mask,
then nourish with our Marrakech Light Illuminating Magic Oil magic
oil, an illuminating and fast-absorbing facial product, before
renewing your skin with our Kasbah Moonlight Transforming Cream-to-oil Nightly
night treatment.

Any other beauty tips we should know about?

Consistency is key. Find a product you love – for your skin and
your soul – and use it every day.

Finally, we want to travel to Morocco in a bottle. What product
will transport us there?

Marrakech Light Illuminating Magic Oil.
Its luxurious, lightweight texture and hypnotic scent leaves you
feeling as though you’ve been kissed by Marrakech’s universally
flattering light.

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