Global Young Designer Spotlight: Live The Process

We talk all things balance, Bali and working out with the founders of leisure label Live The Process, Robyn Berkley and Jared Vere. They let us in on their favourite books, the brand story and the West Village’s best green juice.

all know the health benefits that come with being mindful and
slowing down, but few live it quite like Robyn Berkley. After
spending time in Bali – getting certified as a yoga trainer and
living “better” on the whole – Berkley returned to NYC more
grounded. Back in the big city, Berkley founded her own PR firm and
shortly thereafter, with business partner Jared Vere, decided to
create a line of workout apparel called Live The

Exploring ways to integrate holistic practices into a New York
lifestyle, even in its early gestation, Live The Process placed it
focused in on exercising consciousness at every stage of the
wellness journey. And so, the concept “The Workout Within” was
born. Each piece is designed with performance, comfort and
versatility in mind – making for an edit of symmetrical and
expertly constructed designs that balance form and function


Live The

Designers name(s):

Robyn Berkley and Jared Vere


New Zealand



Type of Brand:


Where did you grow up? How did these places shape you?

Robyn: I grew up in New Jersey, where I studied
gymnastics and dance intently for 10 years. My uniform was
leotards, bodysuits and layering pieces.

Jared: New Zealand.

Your earliest fashion memory is…

R: Dressing up in my grandmothers’ scarves,
jewellery and shoes when I was six.

J: My family owns the biggest chain of women’s
stores in New Zealand called Ruby and my father has owned factories
in China since 1982 – it was part of my DNA. It’s my entire

How does your brand name connect with your product?

R: The process of linking breath and movement
is life, which is the meaning of vinyasa flow yoga. For me Live The
Process is just that. Breath is life and as you breathe and focus
on that breath all else evolves around you. Everyone is living
their own process and no one is in a better place. Just a different
one. It’s about self-evolution. What you wear outwardly expresses
emotion on how you feel on the inside they are bound together.

Define the Live The Process aesthetic…

R: Feminine. Soft, but strong. Utilitarian, but
having a bit more fun. Playful. Colourful. Architecturally

You operate on the mantra “the workout within,” can you unpack
that for us…

Everyone speaks about the physical aspect of working out but if
you are not working out within then it’s hard to evolve. The focus
is on what is inside – the physical is just part of the

Where is your studio and what does it look like?

R: It’s a 2,000sq ft loft in Tribeca, NYC. It’s
quite simple and refined; it feels like an old ballet studio with
windows on both sides – the light is amazing. My favourite part is
the ceiling we painted black; it really changed the whole

What songs do you have on repeat in your studio?

R: Anything that feels meditative: classical,
jazz, Fleetwood Mac, Sade, David Bowie.

New York’s best gym classes…

R: Right now, everything is online, but I have
been doing Sky Ting Yoga classes, Love Yoga, Kyle Miller Yoga, Lia
Bartha pilates…

J: I’m currently working out with a trainer on
the west side. Fresh air and outdoors is the best.

Where should we head in the city après workout?

R: Bonberi Mart in West Village near my house
for an order of “drink the sun” – it’s my favourite green

In 2012 you (Robyn) went to Bali getting certified as a yoga
trainer. Tell us about that experience and how it led you to
creating Live The Process?

R: I began my own health journey in my late 20s
and yoga and movement were part of that. I took my first class when
I was in the eighth grade, age 13. I had done gymnastics and dance
so it kind of felt natural to me, but the concept of breathing and
understanding how that worked was something I embraced later.

I was working in a very intense job and travelled every month –
I wanted to make a change and do something in wellness, but what
did that even mean in 2012? Eventually, I left my job to go to Bali
with a friend for a yoga training program. While packing, I
realised there was no yoga-approved clothing that I wanted to wear.
I was a dancer and gymnast for half of my life and I missed the
novelty of bodysuits and leotards. I thought “wow no one is making
high-waisted leggings”. It all evolved from there.

Is travel a source of inspiration?

R: Yes, travel has always been a source of
inspiration. Before starting Live The Process I travelled all of
the time for work and extended my stays for a little vacation.

Three destinations on your travel wish list…

R: Sri
, South Africa and New Zealand.

Tips for working out when you travel…

R: Online workouts, a travel yoga mat and Bala
Bangles weights.

What have been some of the greatest challenges in launching and
running Live The Process?

R: I had a full-time job up until March and
Live The Process was my “passion project”, hence there was always a
lot of moving parts and work to do in general. When I think about
it, I honestly don’t know how I managed. Being self-funded has had
its positives, but the negative is that you’re always hustling and
trying to make things happen. It can be a bit stressful as a lot
relies on you personally.

How do you see the business of wellness evolving in 2021 and

R: Health is the most important thing – without
that there is nothing. I think it will continue to grow
exponentially. The concept of wellness has already been highly
commercialised. I started on my own path of wanting to feel a
certain way and approach my life differently 15 years ago. People
used to think I was strange and weird the things I would do, but
now they have become mainstream.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

R: Slow and steady. You don’t need to be on
top, just consistent with good intentions and authenticity.

Shop your own line. What are three of your favourite

R: Corset Bodysuit; Knit Boy Short and Knit Crop Bralette; Geometric Short; Crystal Top.

As a leisure label, how do you stay relevant in a saturated

R: We are always reinventing. Thankfully we
have no lack of creativity. We are active at our core, but not
sporty. Our aesthetic has always been what differentiated the
brand. A few years ago, we added knitwear that can be layered in
with our active items – that has further defined the direction of
the brand and we are constantly evolving. It’s a process.

What are you reading right now?

R: I am reading A New Earth: Awakening to Your
Life’s Purpose by Eckhart Tolle (again). It was really helpful the
first time.

What’s next for Live the Process?

R: We will be relaunching our website and
moving into other categories next year. I feel in some ways that
we’re just getting started.

And finally, what’s in your SUITCASE?

R: Bodysuits, leggings, knits to layer, jeans,
a dress, beauty products… but I try to be edited and not bring too
much. That said, my must-pack beauty items include LINNÉ face wash,
a Tracie Martyn face mask, Avon’s Green Goddess face oil and
Nécessaire body lotion. Then it’s books, my journal and incense or
a candle for the hotel room.

J: Simplicity – always have a uniform.

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