A Meander through the Medina

easy to get lost in the tangled streets of Marrakech.
Arriving in the city of colour, I’m pretty confident I can work the
system, navigating from A to B to eventually end up in the central
square of Jemaa el-Fnaa. With my phone in one hand and my eyes
fixed ahead, I navigate the streets of the over-crowded Medina. The
sun is fierce and noise reverberates around me. Locals try to sell
merchandise, people ask if I need help finding my way and in the
distance I hear the adhan being called. I’ve only spent 30 minutes
in these narrow, dimly lit souks but I realise it’s time to give

I grab my backpack and stow my phone. The city feels like a maze
and Google Maps can’t keep up. But perhaps it’s for the best. With
its many merchants, charmers, street vendors and tourists,
Marrakech is meant to be wandered, and I decide to let my curiosity
guide me. After all, the Medina is best enjoyed following the
summery smell of freshly squeezed orange juice, sizzling tagine and
the sweet scent of mint tea and harira soup. This city is a feast
for all the senses.

@ingridhofstra | www.ingridhofstra.com

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