Out of Africa: Kenya

had some time on either side of a commission in Uganda and
Kenya to shoot some personal work. I loved Uganda for its expansive
rural beauty, while Kenya was also incredible but very different –
it was great to have the opportunity to visit both countries and
experience those contrasts.

I was blown away by the light and colours in East Africa, and
the people we met were so friendly and welcoming. It was a joy to
spend time with them and they were more than happy for me to take
portraits and observations, particularly as their curiosity was
piqued by the large medium-format film camera I was shooting with.
The children would all crowd around to watch me change the film,
which adds to the whole experience as a photographer. I’m always
drawn to capturing people; I love the element of surprise and the
exchange in taking their portrait. Photography gives me the
opportunity to connect and interact with subjects in this way.

While visiting Kenya we went out to sea on a dhow, a traditional
wooden sailing boat. The boats themselves are very simple in
design, and it was a joy to watch the Swahili fishermen sail them
with such skill. As with most of my own work, I was interested in
capturing the feeling of being there, and the beauty in the
details, shapes and colours that I encountered.

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