Patron Saints of Sicily

is something mythological about
. From Roman and Byzantine invaders to its Norman
settlers, these crusaders have all left their legacy on the little
island that Italy kicked to the curb. With nearly 3000 years of
history, it’s a must for any traveller with a fondness for
storytelling as well as those that travel through their stomach,
thanks to a cuisine that draws on Italian, Greek, Spanish, French
and Arab influences.

An intersection of Europe,
, Cefalu, Catania,
, Syracuse and Ortygia are obligatory visits. Breathe
history, feel the rough and readiness of the island and let the
Sicilian sunshine and laid-back lifestyle spoil you. Gorge on
arancini, cannolis with pistachio cream and granita, watching the
day pass by from the comfort of a rattan chair – before wandering
off in search of the next piazza for more of the same.

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