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Story: Weaving Families of the World is a photographic series that seeks to capture our sense of place and belonging across the globe.

While shooting, I found how different cultures enact rituals and traditions that not only shape their values as human beings, but provide strength and empowerment to their identities.

On a larger scale, my series transitions through cityscapes, refugee camps and mountainside scenes, weaving a tapestry that pivots from the sacred to the profane, unfolding on a larger scale, the full spectrum of the human experience.

From the small intimate details of our everyday interactions with our environment to the grace that is expressed through our movements and traditions, I find that our dignity is constantly being challenged, fought for and expressed uniting us and disconnecting us all within the same moment.

Thus, my series seeks to explore and reflect the drama and the dance that encapsulates the everyday affairs of how we relate as a family, community and the collective.

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