Submission Guidelines


Both in print and online, SUITCASE Magazine exists to change the way we travel and to reflect the curiosities and concerns of the modern traveller. We use culture as an entry point into global destinations, producing beautiful, inspiring editorial.

We're always looking for new and exciting ideas and contributors, whether you're a writer with a knack for finding fresh angles and destinations, a photographer with an idiosyncratic eye, or an illustrator who can bring long-form stories to life. Now more than ever, we are striving to diversify our talent pool to include more contributors from under-represented minorities, not only to better serve and reflect our global audience, but also to bring about change in the industry.

While we'd love to respond to every pitch, due to the high number of submissions we receive we can only get back to those we wish to move forward with.

You can pitch to our editorial team at [email protected] - but beforehand, please read our submission guidelines below to give yourself the best chance of getting your pitch commissioned.

Please do NOT send follow-up emails - we will get back to you if we're interested in hearing more about your pitch.


For our quarterly print magazine, we work thematically.

Our next issue is Volume 33: Collective. ​We are currently accepting pitches. Copy deadline is 1 December.

Brief for Collective

What is "community"? How do ideas of community manifest? What is it that joins people together? At a time when togetherness has perhaps never felt more important, we're exploring the concept of community around the world. From ancestral groups to contemporary clubs, local networks and relationships that span space and time, this issue will celebrate global connections through the lens of travel. In a world that can feel increasingly fractured, we'll explore our collective identities and look at how ritual, tradition and activism can strengthen ties and weave cross-cultural bonds.

Please send pitches to [email protected] with "Volume 33: Collective" as the title of your email.

When pitching, please bear in mind our content pillars: locality, sustainability, community.

What we're looking for (print and online)

  • Smart ideas that respect our audience's intelligence. We're not afraid to engage with serious issues or make a serious point, and welcome pitches that are more expansive, creative and challenging than you might normally associate with a travel magazine.
  • Stories that explain how travel intersects with another field, such as art, design, literature, food, politics, environment/conservation, technology, community, activism, etc.
  • Stories with a point of view and an angle as opposed to just destination overviews. For print in particular, we're looking for narrative, first-person pieces with a sense of personality, time and place.
  • Original ideas that are tailored to our audience and tone. Don't tell us about a group press trip you've been invited on - it's likely our editors are also on their mailing list - unless you think you have a different angle suitable for SUITCASE.
  • Stories that involve subcultures and interesting characters, or provide a new lens with which to view an unfamiliar (or perhaps familiar) destination.
  • Think pieces that tackle topics such as sustainability, politics and the zeitgeist with a travel slant.Some examples of similar pieces we've published include:

What we're NOT looking for (print and online)

  • Hotel reviews - we largely do these in-house, particularly in the UK
  • London content - our team is based here, so we generally have this covered
  • Fiction - we don't publish short stories, poetry or otherwise
  • Pre-written spec articles - we want to know you've pitched with us in mind
  • Stories that have already been published elsewhere - unless you can demonstrate a new angle tailored to our readership
  • Clichéd travel angles e.g. "the new Berlin", life-changing experiences (unless they genuinely were), gap-year travel diaries
  • Fashion shoots - while we used to shoot fashion photography for print, we've since moved exclusively to travel photography (except for special projects)
  • Interviews, especially in Q&A format - we generally do these in-house, unless you have exceptional access to someone relevant/high-profile
  • Stories about the Maldives, Dubai or any other flash/chain resort-y destinations, unless you have a more meaningful or interesting angle
  • Destination Inspiration - this online column is always written in house
  • For print in particular, we tend to avoid round-ups and listicles, news stories (as we're quarterly, these date quickly) and content on anywhere recently covered in print

How to pitch

Before sending us a pitch email, please consider the below:

  • Don't just suggest destinations you want to cover or pitch a broad guide - tell us the core of the story and why it matters
  • Explain why you are pitching the story to SUITCASE rather than another publication - why are we the right home for it? How does it fit with our other content and tone?
  • Explain why you are the right person to write the piece - are you an expert in the subject matter? Have you lived in a particular place? Do you have some other reason for wanting to cover it?
  • Write the pitch in the same language and tone as you plan to write the article
  • Include when you can deliver a first draft and an estimated word count
  • For print in particular, explain how photography could be covered for the story (are you travelling with a photographer? Is there a pre-existing bank of great images? Do we need to commission someone? If so, do you already have someone in mind?). As our stories are so visual, we will rarely be able to commission a piece without this information
  • Indicate if you require any logistical support - is this based on a trip you've already done, one you intend to take, or one you need us to set up?
  • If you already have commissions for the story elsewhere, explain where and how your piece for us will be different
  • Include examples of similar articles you've done, either linked in the main body of the email or attached as a PDF. You don't need to include your CV.

Photographers / illustrators

If you're interested in being on our database of freelance photographers and illustrators, please email us including the following:

  • Link to your website/portfolio (if there are particular projects you've worked on that you think are relevant for us, please highlight them)
  • Any special areas of interest (could be a type of photography such as portrait, travel, interiors etc or areas of interest like architecture, food, tech, nature, adventure)
  • Where you are based

If you have any specific destinations or stories you'd like to pitch, please refer to the above guidelines.