Your Travel Horoscope For 2019

to personal astrology service Nymph of Neptune, 2019 is the ultimate year for
adventure thanks to Jupiter’s position in Sagittarius. Read your
bespoke travel horoscope to find out where your zodiac sign should
be wandering this coming year.

The last quarter of 2018 was peppered with a never-ending stream
of retrogrades from both Venus and Mercury which left us feeling
somewhat in the wings, revving our engines without ever getting
lift off. The good news, however, is that Jupiter has returned home
to Sagittarius for the first time in 11 years – and he feels more
than comfortable in such an adventurous fire sign.

Jupiter is responsible for good luck, expansion and abundance,
and likes to magnify things wherever he sits. Fortunately, he will
be hanging out in Sagittarius for a luxurious 13 months, urging all
of us as to embrace our inner nomad and venture to places we have
never been before.

Sagittarius, meanwhile, represents the pursuit of a higher truth
through exploring faraway lands and diving deep into other
cultures. Always depicted as centaurs ready to hunt their prey,
Sagittarians love nothing more than getting outdoors and
undiscovered territories. If you haven’t ventured
across the globe as much as you would have liked in recent years,
Jupiter in Sagittarius is sure to give you plenty of opportunities
to embrace travel in 2019.


Never short on dynamic energy, you will be pleased to hear that
2019 begins with a bang for you in particular as Mars, your ruling
planet, entered your sign on 31 December. Whatever fires you wanted
to start in previous months now have the extra oomph they need to
get going. Thanks to your pioneering spirit, you can always be
counted on to lead the pack – and this month is no different. Why
not think about embodying your spirit animal the ram and make a
plan to climb some serious peaks or take that road trip? You are
the most determined sign of all and need a challenge to quench your
thirst. Such auspicious timing of Mars sliding into your sign will
grant you all the courage you need to chase your dreams. Think


This year is going to be an interesting one for you, with an
overarching theme of change. Uranus, the mighty ruler of rebellion
and innovation, enters your sign from 6 March and will stay with
you for seven years. You may begin to see the pre-emptive effects
Uranian energy in your life in the coming months – be sure that
whatever is no longer serving you is thrown out, whether you are
fully ready for the shift or not. You homebodies often prefer to
stick with what you know, but 2019 is asking you to let go of the
reigns a little bit and dip your toe in waters unknown. Is this the
year you uproot and move to a different city
or country? If that’s a step too far, try to take a few weeks
holiday away from your desk to gain some perspective. Ultimately,
go with the flow a bit more and have faith that the universe has
your best interests at heart.


The skies are shining the spotlight on you this month,
Capricorn. Not only do you have a powerful New Moon in your sign
from 6 January, but messenger of the gods, Mercury, also entered
your sign on the fifth, meaning the universal energies will be
almost as stable and grounded as you. Nobody does serious business
like a Capricorn, and this new moon is all about growing up and
making concrete progress towards your goals – a welcome break from
all the washed-up energy you swam through in December. Good news is
you’ve made it to shore, and with Mercury in your sign everyone
around you should be communicating in your default practical mode
too. This new moon wants you to revel in your ambitious mindset,
helping you to build strong foundations wherever they are needed in
your life. As work is never far from your mind, a trip to an
emerging tech city like Detroit or Dublin may stimulate your
entrepreneurial side. You don’t need to be told twice but think
long term – expect to see results at the Capricorn full moon six
months from now.


Optimism, expansion and good luck are the themes that will rain
on you all year long. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, returned home to
your sign in November and will stay put for the next 13 months.
This is good news for everyone as his beneficial energy flows more
freely when he’s in your adventurous sign; Jupiter rules luck,
abundance and brings a limitless energy wherever he goes.
Sagittarius is the sign of travel to faraway destinations, digging
deep into foreign cultures, expanding the mind through education
and adventure. Meandering through the wonders of Baalbek or the
ancient Mayan pyramids of the Yucatan would stimulate both your
senses and your intellect. This is your year to fully come into
yourself and manifest your heart’s desire. As long as you don’t get
carried away with this boundless energy, 2019 could be the year you
make tangible progress towards your ambitions. The grounded
Capricorn new moon on 7 January should help keep you in check. To
top it off, Venus enters your sign on 7 January so get ready to
enjoy a little romance in the coming weeks – don’t shy away from
taking risks in matters of the heart.


Your mind rarely stops processing, and while your ability to
analyse is your forte, it can push you into nervous overdrive. For
you, the new moon in Capricorn on 7 January is all about joy,
creativity and romance. It’s time to stop worrying and let your
hair down, and while you’re at it, get serious about those creative
ideas you’ve been keeping in the wings – they have more staying
power than you think. Take it easy on the 21 January as this full
moon is occurring in your twelfth house of privacy, endings and
spirituality. You may feel drained of energy so steer clear of too
many social gatherings and use the time to research that wholesome
yoga retreat you’ve been thinking about. Whether on Portugal’s wild
Alentejo coast or in Sri Lankan hill country, your sign craves time
away from the hustle and bustle – listen to your instincts, Virgo.
You may also enjoy the attention of more than a couple romantic
potentials, so use the quiet full moon to exhume any skeletons in
the cupboard allowing you to upgrade in all areas of your life.


You’re often looked at as the sentimental baby of the zodiac,
perhaps sometimes misunderstood for your heightened sensitivity.
Thankfully, the north node of the Moon has just slid into your
sign, blessing the whole planet with a soft Cancerian energy. The
healing properties of water have always defined your sign, and this
year is no different. Don’t underestimate the nourishing effects of
bathing in the Dead Sea or maybe embarking on something more
stimulating like a trip to the surfers’ paradise of Nicaragua.
Empty beaches
and endless stretches of coastline where wild
frolic at dusk will be just the ticket to get you
through 2019. Relationships will also be on your mind more than
usual in the next few weeks as the new moon on 7 January occurs in
your house of partnership. The coming months are giving you the
chance to change the way your relationships take shape and how you
enter into union with another. This isn’t just about love; any
business partnerships that need an upgrade will also come under the
spotlight. Whatever the duo in question is about, the first half of
2019 will ensure it helps you step into your best self. Don’t be
shy to employ a little visualisation to get exactly what you


Arguably the most creative sign of the zodiac, the energy of
stern and practical Capricorn doesn’t always make you feel at home.
However, this particular new moon on 7
is making a harmonious alignment with your ruling
planet of dreams, music and artistry, Neptune. This energy is
supportive for those who want to dive head first into your
imagination and see what you come up with. The time is right to
book a cabin in the wilderness to hibernate and see what creative
sparks fly – head to the icy fjords of Norway or the Swiss
mountains . Free from the shackles of WiFi, you’ll be surprised
when what has been long germinating in your mind starts to sprout.
There could be long-term benefits to your artistic and spiritual
pursuits, both areas of life where you should feel at peace.
Warrior of the skies, Mars, will be making a nest in your sector of
finances and self-worth, so have faith that your honeypot could
grow faster than expected over the coming weeks – provided you put
in the work. New associations that spring up the first half of 2019
may help financially and bring you the rewards you deserve.


The ultimate diplomat of the zodiac, you would rather avoid
confrontation in order to keep the peace – even when it may be
better to ruffle some feathers to find a better outcome. This
Capricorn season is about standing up for what you want at home,
and not taking no for an answer. If your digs are starting to feel
tired (be that your house, neighbourhood or city), the next six
months might be the time to take that move you’ve been waiting for.
Alternatively, a
may be on the cards, be that heading to the
countryside or taking some time to get to know your home city
better. Grab your best friend and book into a hotel for a long
weekend of pampering. After all, this lunation is all about what
and who nourishes you at your deepest level of self. The new moon
on 7 January is lighting up your sector of emotional roots. What
makes you feel satisfied at the nucleus of your being? What do you
need in your life so that you are able to flourish? Stop catering
to other people’s needs and do you. Don’t worry, your reputation as
peacemaker will stay intact.


If you haven’t heard about the total lunar eclipse in Leo on 21
January, get ready to purge whatever isn’t allowing you to thrive.
The end of January might see you suddenly craving more spontaneity
in your life due to an alignment between the full moon and
rebellious Uranus – just be wary of unnecessarily upsetting the
cart in order to chase fleeting thrills. Find a healthy outlet for
this urge such as a spontaneous trip somewhere that doesn’t cost
the earth. City breaks to Istanbul, Tbilisi and Tallinn are high on
our list for 2019. Loved ones may also be particularly moody, and
although you can normally keep the lid on your emotions, you may be
unusually sensitive to this lunation. Once you’ve made it through
this powerful full moon in one piece, revel in the playful transit
of lucky Jupiter in your sector of recreation, creativity, and
romance for the rest of the year. You will see an abundance of
opportunities in your love life and even if you’re not usually one
for the arts, they may start sneaking into your life a bit


Many admire you for your ability to adapt to whoever you
surround yourself with as you flit from one social group to
another, finding common interests wherever the wind takes you. This
January, however, the earthy Capricorn energy is asking you to stay
in one place longer than usual and sink your teeth into just one
relationship. If you need some help finding more stability in life,
a trip to earthy, low-altitude places will literally reconnect you
to the source, making you feel both calm and in control. The new
moon on the 7 January will require you to slow down so you can get
comfortable with intimacy. If you’ve been moving too fast and
turning a blind eye to how you behave in your
relationships, it will be hard to escape this
practical energy that wants you to build something solid for the
long haul. Over the next six months, the ground is fertile for
completely transforming the way you view both sex and intimacy. It
may not be all that comfortable, but the rewards will be rich and


Scorpios have always been known for their taste for taboo areas
of life: sex, secrets and money. Lucky for you, Jupiter is
transiting your sector of finances all year long, so you have all
the support you need to cultivate a strong backing for all your
hedonistic pursuits. You may begin to see results as early as the
end of January thanks to the Leo lunar eclipse that will light up
your sector of career and public reputation. Whatever you’ve been
working on for the past six months should come to fruition shortly,
and you may be thrust into the spotlight as others ogle at your
accomplishments. Give yourself a well-deserved break and head to a
destination that speaks to your sensual self, such as the rolling
hills of
, the mystical Danish countryside or the lush landscapes
of Bali.


Begin the year slowly but surely – you may be feeling somewhat
exhausted around the new moon on 7 January, due to its position in
your sector of endings, privacy and spirituality. If you’re
struggling to make it out of the house in the mornings, don’t be
too hard on yourself and take the time for some extra self-care.
Your sign likes to challenge the status quo and fight for the
rights of the collective. This year you can get ready to enjoy some
seriously Aquarian energy where you should feel right at home.
Jupiter is frolicking in your sector of groups and community, so
any humanitarian pursuits you’ve been thinking about may finally
get the green light. Aquarians are known for being the most freedom
loving of the zodiac, so why not explore areas of the globe you’ve
longed to explore? Places like Ethiopia and Madagascar are high on
our travel hit list this year, and are sure to give you the
headspace you crave. You’ll also find great satisfaction in
fostering a spiritual practice until July, so a Greek-island yoga
retreat could open your eyes to a fresh perspective. Rarely has a
year been so generally supportive of Aquarian pursuits. Enjoy
it. @nymphofneptune