A New Serenity: Udaipur, India

I spontaneously arranged a trip to Udaipur, I didn’t know what to
expect. I had no idea that I would step into what seemed like a
parallel world, a place where an abundance of culture and
traditions are infused with vibrant colours and endless beauty.

Each morning I rose as the sun kissed my skin and pocket-sized
birds sang in chorus with soft, gentle sound of the dilruba, an
Indian string instrument.

Awaking to views over Lake Pichola was mesmerising. The calm,
crystal waters were hugged by ancient temples, island palaces and
lush hills, each reflected on the mirror-like surface.

Udaipur is the City of Lakes, and for me Lake Pichola was most
beautiful of them all. Stepping out into the city was a feast for
the senses. The warm air hugged me, distinct spiced aromas guided
me to traditional Indian fare, the sound of tuk tuks and motorbikes
filled my ears as, around me, locals congregated in the

The city was a colourful chaos, and I was deeply in love. The
streets oozed with a raw energy thanks to its kind, welcoming
people. They made me feel so welcome while educating me about their
history and traditions.

Long before I travelled to India, I
had heard stories of the divine energy and spirituality of the
country, the kind that has the ability to transform one’s inner
self. When I left Udaipur, I carried with me a new sense of


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