Pride of Ussher: Ghana’s Next Generation of Boxers

and Jamestown are two of the oldest neighbourhoods in
the city of Accra,
. While life in these districts remains focused around
fishing, they have, for generations, been breeding grounds for
international boxing champions.

Together Jamestown and Usshertown are home to more than 20
boxing schools – among the highest density of boxing facilities in
the world. Boxing is a serious and respected tradition here, and
practiced daily by many Ghanaians.

Yet it’s more than just a passion; boxing is a potential ticket
out of poverty, unemployment and the absence of opportunity.
Jamestown and Usshertown are some of the poorest communities in the
city – the economic gains of neighbouring districts peppered with
high-rises have not trickled down.

Under a scorching sun, boxers here complete up to six hours of
daily training, follow a strict diet and regularly fight and
compete. This is a sport of hope and pride.

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