Win a State-of-the-Art Parrot ANAFI FPV Camera Drone


Win a state-of-the-art Parrot drone.

Squeezing an extraordinary landscape into the confines of a
camera lens is a challenge we know only too well. What if there was
a way to capture that unseen perspective without needing to go that
extra mile in order to reach the perfect vantage point?

Step forward, the new ANAFI FPV drone from Parrot. A brand at
the frontier of drone photography, this hi-tech model comes with a
pair of bluetooth “cockpit” goggles – spy-like specs which show you
the sweeping vista below in real time as your trusty hovercraft
soars overhead – for total immersion.

Equipped with a 180-degree 4K HDR camera that will make tech
buffs hot under the collar, it’s the professional travel
photographer’s drone du jour. Not only does this lightweight
sidekick pack down into a nifty rucksack (yet more bonus points)
but it charges from your laptop which means it can be juiced up
while you’re on the road and will be ready to take to the skies
upon arrival.

Heading for the mountains? Go hands-free. This drone’s Follow Me
feature ensures you stay at the heart of the action as you hike,
trek or ski through the hills, tailing you as you go and capturing
every turn in high definition.

If you hadn’t noticed, we’re in a bit of a whirl about this

To enter, follow @suitcase
and @Parrot_official on Instagram and tag three friends in
this post.

Full terms and conditions here.

Photos by: @alicia_lbrt

The Lowdown

About Parrot

Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot is today
the leading European group in the fast-growing drone industry. At
the forefront of innovation, Parrot is an ‘End to End’ drone group
which design everything, from hardware and software to services. As
the world’s number 2 of the consumer drone market, Parrot designs
drones known for their high performance and ease of use.