African Beauty: Five Brands You Should Know

African beauty brands are making a mark on the industry by creating high-quality products that champion inclusivity, sustainability and skincare science. Backed by indigenous practices and making the most of natural ingredients, these are the ones we’re stashing in our make-up bags.

our ideas about beauty change, so do our expectations of the
products we choose to cram into our make-up bags. Rooted in
sustainable, indigenous beauty practices and ancestral knowledge,
many African beauty products not only offer a richness comparable
to some of the world’s leading brands, but also raw ingredients and
high-performing natural skincare science. These are some of the
brands you should know.


Having launched in 2017, Epara caught
the attention of the global press, soon becoming known as the
luxury brand that made beauty more inclusive. Created specifically
to meet the skincare needs of women of colour, Epara uses a
combination of ingredients such as plankton extract, marula oil and
bamboo silk to tackle hyperpigmentation and promote healing and
hydration. A cult favourite of British Vogue’s Contributing Editor
Funmi Fetto as well as model and philanthropist Noëlla Coursaris
Musunka, Epara is celebrated for its gentle but effective

African Botanics

Founded by LA-based South African couple, Craig and Julia Noik,
is an ode to their homeland and its rich cultural
heritage. Determined to preserve Africa’s biodiversity and support
the local communities, its ingredients are sourced in South
Africa’s ecological regions and coupled with cutting-edge skincare
technology that maximises the products’ hydrating and
anti-inflammatory properties. Harnessing the full potential of the
African bush and desert plants, African Botanics is well known for
its ability to boost the skin’s moisture barrier and increase
collagen production. If there’s such a thing as the perfect
skincare product, this may just be it.


Affectionately named after founder Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao’s great
grandmother, Malée is a fragrance and body-care brand that is
inspired by nature and perfected by science. A careful blend of
natural ingredients such as avocado and sunflower oil are coupled
with some of Africa’s most loved ingredients including cacao and
shea butter. In each product, we enjoy part of the essence of
Africa and learn a little of Zeze’s passion for her African

Suki Suki Naturals

Born out of a desire to promote the unique properties of
lesser-used African plants, Suki Suki Naturals celebrates Africa’s unique
biodiversity while sidestepping the use of potentially harmful or
synthetic chemicals. There are no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils,
petroleum or even animal testing for that matter. The brand is a
great believer in nature’s power to restore, repair and heal – each
of its all-natural hair and skincare products rummage through
Mother Nature’s apothecary cabinet to create formulations that
reduce hyperpigmentation, seal in moisture and protect against sun

A Complexion Company

A relative newcomer to the African beauty and wellness scene,
Complexion Company
is an eco-luxe wellness and clean-beauty
solution created for the modern woman of colour. Having initially
launched with a single product – the Organic African Wellness Superpowder – the
brand leans on centuries of ancient-African medicine and
ingredients that are believed to enhance physical, mental and
spiritual wellness. Founder Nomshado Baca is driven by a love for
her heritage, a passion for integrating traditional wellness
practices into modern life and a commitment to preserving the
beauty of the African landscape.

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African Beauty: Five Brands You Should Know