8 Flowers You Can Eat

8 Flowers You Can Eat

Roses are red, violets are blue; flowers are tasty and nice to chew. We can’t think of a girlier article, but look how pretty!


Often used as an infusion or in bubbly cocktails, this acidic
flower has quite a citrusy flavour. While we often taste it either
in beverages or cold salads, Hibiscus can also work as a meat
substitute in vegetarian enchiladas!


Generally used in tea, chamomile is known to relax the mind and
soothe the muscles. If tea isn’t your thing, then we recommend that
you either pair it with peach in a tart or with lemon in a panna


This beautiful blue plant has a similar taste to cucumber, which
makes it ideal for salads or summer drinks. Try adding it to a
glass of Pimm’s.


Both lemony and sweet, lavender is regularly used in sweet
dishes like honey or cake but has also been paired with cheese. The
herb is known to be a great remedy for insomnia as well as general


This sweet bloom makes delicious sorbets, teas, syrups, jams and
cakes. Known to be the flower of the heart, roses are said to cure
heartbreak, depression and low self-esteem.


While some edible flowers are more up-and-coming, the flowers of
the elderberry plant have been used to flavour dishes for hundreds
of years. Nowadays, their sweet floral taste is used in fizzy
drinks, syrups and sorbets.

Zucchini Blossom

This faintly sweet yellow flower is frequently found on Italian
menus stuffed with creamy ricotta cheese. Chef Alain Ducasse enjoys
preparing them lightly fried à la Provençal.


If you’d like to add a kick to your dish, then nasturtiums will
do the trick. These exotic-looking flowers have a peppery, spicy
tang to them that make them an ideal ingredient for salads and

The Lowdown

Make sure to choose edible flowers that haven’t been in contact
with any pesticides.

Leonore Dicker is a freelance food writer who is the co-author
of The Food Guide: Beirut on a Plate, a culinary guide to Lebanon’s
capital. Please check her website DontBelieveinJetLag.com for more information.