Airport Attire: What to Wear When Travelling

Airport Attire: What to Wear When Travelling

dressed for the
can be difficult. When you leave the house at 4AM or
arrive to your destination after midnight, there are few outfits
that sound comfortable and varying weather further complicates
things. As frequent flyers, we’ve developed a travel uniform and
put together a list of our favourite designers making red eyes and
layovers a little less of a headache.

Shoes: Buttero

Originating as a horseriding boot brand, Buttero has since
expanded into trainers, slippers, sandals and ankle boots. Multiple
styles could easily find their way into our suitcase – a pair of
cowboy boots for a trip out west or sandals for your beach holiday
– but it’s their trainers and slip-ons that we’re pining for. Their
pieces are perfect for racing through the airport and versatile
enough to be worn with workout clothes, trousers or a sundress.
They’ll work for most occasions and make it doable to live out of a
carry-on for shorter trips. The slippers are also quick to get on
and off at security points.

Bag: Baggu

The classic Baggu tote is a frequent traveller’s godsend. The big
Baggu is ideal as a personal item purse that can hold everything
from your passport and travel-sized toiletries to last-minute
airport purchases. They come in a variety of colours and patterns
and are inexpensive enough to justify purchasing a few, while they
also pack easily so you won’t feel guilty about bringing more than
one on your trip. When not travelling, they double as great
reusable shopping bags and make trekking home with groceries
considerably more stylish. We also love their canvas backpacks and
nylon pouches.

Wrap: Pierre-Louis Mascia

No matter what the weather outside, planes are known for
unpredictable temperatures. Scarves can be used as wraps, pillows
or blankets and as such are absolute travel essentials. Pierre Louis
makes beautiful, soft shawls that even make even sitting
in economy feel somewhat luxurious. Launched in 2007, Pierre Louis
Mascia now do ready-to-wear, home decor and backpacks too. In
eye-catching colours and designs, we weren’t surprised when our
onboard neighbour asked where ours was from.

Ready-To-Wear: Milk Cashmere

Cashmere sets are the next best thing to wearing pyjamas in
public. Before launching her line, Milk’s founder Melanie Costa
Leite studied cashmere production, seeking out farmers and
factories practicing
sustainable methods
to partner with. Milk use raw
materials in their designs and offer a variety of silhouettes.
Pieces are perfect for layering when travelling between different
climates. Cashmere’s also less likely to wrinkle compared to other
fabrics, so you’ll look relatively together when you land.

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