The Carry On: August 2019

The Carry On: August 2019

Carry On is our monthly round up of our favourite travel
items we’d happily haul from Stansted to Seville,
Heathrow to Hydra.
Be it a functional fedora or the latest in skincare science, we’ve
probably got it in our carry on. Riffing on the adage “if you can
think it, you can be it” – we’re saying: “If you can jam it in your
carry on… you can bring it.” Catchy.

Note: weight restrictions and other practicalities do not

Hand Sanitizer in Aloe Vera


As good looking as hand sanitisers get, Touchland’s
quick-to-evaporate formula is an on-flight must. Packaged in a
sleek container, the pocket-size spray is moisturising, deeply
hydrating and its nozzle is cleverly designed to evenly distribute
the formula across your hands, killing “99.99%” of germs. This aloe
vera-scented rendition radiates a fresh, clean fragrance and won’t
leave your hands smelling like a doctor’s office. Vanilla cinnamon
and forest berry scents have equal appeal.

Buy now at Touchland£12.00

BONNIE swimsuit in Red Salamander


Traversing the rugged shores of
clad in a swimsuit by En.Widmer is up there with our
2019 summer highlights. (Don’t belittle our conquests, swimsuit
shopping is no smooth breeze). Positive attributes of an En.Widmer
range from the feel-good factor that 15% of profits go straight
into preserving the
Amazon rainforest
to the fact that this skimpy costume
moonlights as a bodysuit on dry land. Note: the style runs small so
if you are in between sizes, go one up.

Buy now at En.Widmer£165.00



Brushing up on our French and expanding our limited Italian
vocabulary are resolutions we renew every year with the same good
intent (and the same lack of commitment). In faltered reattempts,
we’ve downloaded (and then deleted) raved-about language apps and
now it’s time to call in the big guns – a handheld translator
device called Pocketalk. To use, select your two languages and
press the “talk” button under your chosen language, holding down as
you speak. When you release the button, Pocketalk will provide the
translation. This nifty device has changed the game when it comes
to using dating apps in foreign countries – and yes, it’s also
useful for work or whatever.

Buy now at Pocketalk£245.00

“This is not a bag” in Cream


Inspired by the Japanese Furoshiki technique of knotting bags,
Sleeper’s “This is not a bag” (spoiler: it kind of is) is 100% our
new favourite travel companion. We’re showing it off at work, by
the pool and on our Instagram feeds. When untied, this spacious
linen bag transforms into a picnic blanket or beach spread –
depending our your geo coordinates. Consider it your most riveting
multipurpose purchase to date.

Buy now at Sleeper£140.00

Resin Chain


Taking our style cues from Dame Edna Everage, Gigi Hadid and
Leandra Medine this summer, we’re adding the sunglasses chain to
our repertoire of floral sundresses and linen shirts. A must-buy
for anyone who has suffered the trauma that is losing your
favourite pair of sunglasses, this chunky tortoiseshell resin chain
by STAUD will make sure you stay attached to your frames.

Buy now at STAUD£60.00

Face Base Aussie Flyer Recovery Mask


From the country with a PHD in jet
, the Face Base Aussie Flyer Recovery Mask is a leave
on-mask that reboots dull, dry skin and brings back moisture, glow
and radiance. Jet-setting travellers can slather on a thick layer
and let sit for 10 minutes. Formulated to work its magic in-flight,
it doesn’t need to be rinsed off – just wipe away any residual
product your pores haven’t soaked up. By the time you’ve landed,
you’ll have juicy, dewy skin (no matter how much sleep you

Buy now at Lanolips£20.00

Classic Originals Swim Shorts in Pastels


Riffing on the classic surf shorts worn by men in the 60s,
Morville’s signature quick-drying seersucker designs are a poolside
must. Consider these striped swim trunks a timeless pillar of any
summer wardrobe. Don’t don your raggedy bathing shorts or rush
purchase a questionable design en route to your gate; opt instead
for this patchwork pair. Your partner will be ever-so grateful.

Buy now at Morville£85.00

24k Gold Ear Seeds

Vie Healing

Though we’re still somewhat on the fence with this one, ear
seeds are the new “must-try” treatment to come out of LA.
Part of the reflexology family, the gold-plated ion seeds stimulate
the reflex centres in the ear to help boost energy and achieve a
sense of calm relaxation. Creating a continuous and long-lasting
compression on different points of the ear, the seeds can help
relieve stress, jet lag, aches and pains as well as boost your
mood. Worth a shot, even if the only thing they conjure is auricle
awe from your in-flight seat neighbour.

Buy now at Vie Healing£29.00

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