Searching for Silence: The Austrian Alps

The ground was covered in snow, the sky was powder blue, the air was crisp. The low sun warmed our frostbitten cheeks and our breath escaped in white clouds. We walked through this stillness, the only sound the crunching of snow underfoot. Winter in the Austrian Alps is spectacular.

Majestic mountains, some towering over 3,000 metres, create a snowy playground offering some of the best skiing in the world. But there's more to it than that. Venture deeper and you'll find secluded villages tucked away in the mountains, visited by little or no tourists. These pockets of tranquility are often hard to reach, but those who make the journey will be handsomely rewarded.

I visited Ebnit, a charming enclave in the midst of the Bregenzerwald Mountains, just above the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley. Not for the fainthearted, it's only accessible via a vertiginous road through the canyons. These places are such a contrast to the glitzy resorts of the Alps. These are places that soothe the soul.

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