Becky Tong’s Quiet Corners in Ibiza

Becky Tong’s Quiet Corners in Ibiza

Becky Tong is pretty much Ibiza royalty, daughter to legendary DJ Pete Tong. But the DJ and co-Founder of music company Juicebox doesn’t do Ibiza how you might expect.

funny how many people think that I have grown up double
dropping pills and sleeping with glow sticks under my pillow. I
have to admit that, apart from the one-off occasion, it’s been
quite the opposite. Yes, I have been coming to Ibiza
since I was seven years old and I do remember house records being
pumped in the car on the way to school – but if anything it’s made
me more of a stay at home, health nerd.

When I was 13 I had my first clubbing experience in Ibiza, if
you can call it that. I was with my two best friends and we’d
begged and pleaded for an entire 36 hours to be able to go to my
Dad’s night at Pacha.
My dad insisted no but – like any daughter – that doesn’t really
fly, does it? I wasn’t going to return back to the UK without
completing my mission. We decided that if we got ready for a night
out that at the very last minute he would have to give in (this
worked FYI). We piled out the car in our extremely tight and short
dresses from American Apparel, which would ride up after taking two
steps (yes, I shopped there regularly from the ages of 13-15,
awkward I know).

After entering the club we ‘accidentally’ lost my dad and his
crew straight away and made a beeline for the bar and 3 vodka
lemons later = 50 euros, we’d already run out of money. We then
realised the amount of wide-eyed, sweaty ravers that wanted to put
their hands up and around our non-existent skirts. One hour later,
we were ready to leave. I wasn’t quite ready for it all but I do
think from seeing the jaw swingers and topless bodies inside an
Ibiza nightclub at such an early age, I had some kind of knowledge
and understanding of what the rest of the night would look

Still from 16 to 18 I was eager to come back from my summer
holidays with a suitcase full of casual clubbing chronicles for my
Wimbledon friends. What boys I had kissed, what songs I’d heard
before anyone else, what celebrity I’d coincidently ended up at an
after party with at 5AM. I don’t think any of my friends really
cared, so why did I?

Now all my friends have grown up – some in serious
relationships, some working serious jobs, and some just doing
nothing but pretend to be seriously busy – it all feels very
serious. I too have maybe become a little old fashioned and picked
up on a new cool concept that comes with adulthood; being able to
go out whenever, but choosing to stay in. I feel empowered and
selective as I tell myself I’m spending my free time very

I’ve seen Ibiza transform, it was once a niche small island,
which had big global names come in for sure, but it still felt TOP
secret to us island goers. Now, the insides of Cuckoo, Cirque,
Project, Annabel’s & more have filled out all the beaches and
VIPs. For me it’s become a little pretentious, and we now jump
through loops to find the low-key places to hang out where there
are no sparklers on show and it’s all about listening to good

After finally making absolutely gigantic jump from the kids’
table to the adults’ table, I realise I am probably more well
behaved than most of the adults I grew up in awe of. I am the vegan
who doesn’t really drink or smoke (I sound so boring, I know) – how
things have changed. London’s fast pace has exhausted me and now
when I land on the island all I want to do is get a banging tan,
have natural sea-salt waves in my hair and come back refreshed so I
can rock my 20s.

Here’s where to chill in Ibiza…


This is perfect for a late lunch spot – get a juice and the raw
cakes are amazing! Passion’s philosophy is inspired by vegan,
macrobiotic and raw cuisine but you can also find fresh fish and
chicken on their menu. Clearly bang on trend, Lana Love’s cafes
have been hugely popular with the Ibiza crowd and since opening in
2002 she has spread her influence with six cafes, and new bio shop
(aptly called Passion Pantry) dotted about the island.


This is such a pretty place to have dinner under the stars!
Learning from her mother in Tuscany, chef Prasuna Coppini’s menu is
small but delicious with a focus on all fresh and organic


This agro-tourism hotel has been here for years and has a chic,
loyal following . Whitewashed, rustic, and nestled into the orange
groves, it’s the perfect place to relax with a good book. But while
this is on the quieter side of the island, the restaurant and spa
are popular with non-guests and there is pretty much always
something going on.

Sunset Ashram / Cala Conta Beach

Everyone bangs on about Ibiza sunsets but what you’ve imagined
is nothing compared to the real thing. Offering a 270-degree view
into the beautiful Cala Conto coves, this bohemian beach bar and
restaurant is the best spot to watch the light fade into the night.
Feast on organic salads and curries from their Asian-inspired menu,
grab one of their delicious cocktails.

Aguas Blancas Beach

One of the
where you are more likely to find locals than tourists,
and as it is fairly difficult to access it remains uncrowded even
in the peak of August. Officially a nudist beach but many bathers
keep their swimsuits on while others cover themselves in a reddish
paste (rumour has it a little dirt from the cliff mixed with
Blancas sparkling water will make your skin glow). The water is an
insane colour of blue!

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